This isn’t a sandwich. How do you…?


From last night… The last time I had lobster was on Prom night after the dance (in the school gym) at a fancy restaurant overlooking the Mississippi river in central Minnesota with a wonderful Canadian girl from the famous Ecumenical Institute at Saint John’s Abbey, my home parish at the time. This girl and I had put in lots of horse back riding together there in the southern most reaches of the northern woods. We talked about how many kids we would have. She said she had dreamed about twelve. I said that I thought that honestly a good number would be sixteen. We both agreed that God is the one to decide. She went back to Canada and I went to the seminary. The memories! Funny what you think of when you have a meal you’ve only had once before in your life.

This lobster was eaten in the company of a fellow priest and his parents. His father was ordained a permanent deacon in the same Mass that the son was ordained a priest, and this was the tenth anniversary. So, four lobsters, still very much alive before being put into pots to be steamed. Steamed, it seems, is the only way to make lobster. I didn’t hear any screams from the lobsters. I usually just eat toast and think that to be extravagant. So, what do I know about recipes?

I hope people aren’t scandalized by this. But there are things to celebrate. It’s good to celebrate. Catholics do know how to celebrate. Though others do as well. I’m sure you remember a favorite of many (the final scene of Babette’s Feast):


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3 responses to “This isn’t a sandwich. How do you…?

  1. elizdelphi

    How ever much you give up you will have a hundredfold even in this life. How many more spiritual children you have than 16, as a priest!
    i am at my parents’ house in Texas, trying my best to celebrate. Met an ex Benedictine heretic at AM Mass the other day here and he made me think of St John’s (I didn’t ask where he had been a monk)! The Mass of the early Christians was like a picnic and the Mass isn’t a sacrifice, and the People of God is the 8th sacrament so it’s okay that 80% of Catholics don’t attend Mass, according to this authority. Says he doesn’t agree with Vatican II about the Mass being the source and summit of the Christian life. I suspect I was a target due to chapel veil but he got more than he was bargaining for from me. His wife apologized to me. it was fine since the man probably needed to hear what I said to him.
    I think i have had lobster just once at a relative’s house and it was rubbery. they did not cook it themselves.

    • Father George David Byers

      In this case, the priest is an excellent chef. The parents had run a restaurant.

  2. Gina Nakagawa

    I remember when Hurricane Carol hit Nova Scotia in 1954. We were visiting relatives. The storm was really frightening, but the aftermath brought great luxury. Lobster traps washed up on shore everywhere. The fishermen reclaimed the traps, but the lobster had to be given away as there was no way to preserve them for sale. My mouth still waters.
    Everyone should see Babette’s Feast. It is one of the most beautiful and meaningful films ever made.

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