Follow-up on Father Gordon J MacRae’s health: great news.


Last week the post Fr MacRae’s request of Padre Pio: help! was published here and on Father Gordon J MacRae’s Facebook Page. That got 915 shares as of this writing, with quite a good number those people being pray-ers. This was a request for Padre Pio’s help. There is news. This morning during our usual hour-long telephone conversation, I asked Father Gordon if there was any news on the health front. Here are some notes of what he said:

  • My neck is substantially better.
  • I can use my right shoulder.
  • The pain is gone entirely. I can move my head more than I have been able to in the last number of years.
  • And the lump has receded enormously.
  • And we have not yet been moved.
  • Padre Pio came through. I thanked him last night for coming through.
  • Thank everyone for all the prayers. Their prayers are very efficacious.

So, there you have it. Now, I have another few requests:

  • Thank Padre Pio for coming through.
  • Continue to ask Padre Pio about the resolution of Father Gordon’s situation.
  • And please, please, say a wee prayer for each other, as I’m afraid that quite a number of you did up some extraordinary prayers and sacrifices for Father Gordon and need a bit of support from each other as well. Hail Mary…

Thank you all for showing Jesus’ goodness and kindness to Father Gordon.


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15 responses to “Follow-up on Father Gordon J MacRae’s health: great news.

  1. PRAISE GOD AND WE CONTINUE TO PRAY … Thank You, Fr. George, for posting his reply. God bless.

  2. Liz

    Thanks be to God!! I am trying to finish up my novena for him and for Pornchai-Max. It’s been a challenge, ha ha, but God is so good to me making sure that I remember and even when I misplace my prayers. He helps me find a different set or my kids helping me when I don’t get them said early in the day. I worry that the craziness of life will keep me from saying them, but somehow it’s worked out each day. Two more days. I will add thanksgiving into my prayers and prayers for all those praying. Thanks Fr. George for asking us to pray! I appreciate knowing when there is a need. We are going to a priest’s first mass this morning–such a joyful blessing–and we will say extra prayers for everyone while we are there. God bless you all!

  3. pelerin

    That is such good news. Thank you Father for telling us. It is so good to see the power of prayer at work.

  4. Such good news, will continue to pray for Fr Gordon and Max and all who pray for them…God have mercy on us.

  5. Thanks be to God and thank you for your intercession, Padre Pio! Will continue to pray.

  6. Great News. Thank you St. Padre Pio and thank You, Jesus. Thank you too Father for sharing the news.

  7. Praise God! So happy to hear Father is feeling better! Will continue to pray!

  8. Caroline Rogers

    Praise Jesus! And thank you St. Padre Pio.
    Prayers continuing. Thanks for the update.

  9. Frank DiNoto

    praying the chaplet of mercy at the 3 o’clock hour I prayed for your healing.Thank you Jesus.

  10. Carmel

    Alleluia! Praise God! Thank you Padre Pio! Continued prayers for Fr G and all here.

  11. elizdelphi

    This is all great news. I am concerned for him to be able to say Mass again though.

  12. Jean J.Smith

    It’s time to step it up by doing penitential acts now. Do an act of generosity or simple kindness for someone you are not close to. It doesn’t have to be stupendous Offer up the difficulty on behalf of Fr.MacRae.
    It’s a win for all involved.
    It’s for Fr.MacRae and it has lots of meaning.

  13. This is such great news, Fr. Byers. Thank you. Prayers of thanksgiving and petition will continue.

  14. Enoch (Nick) L. Alemany

    I am happy, God is good!

  15. sanfelipe007

    Thanks be to God! Thank you Padre Pio! Thank you, brethren!

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