Meanwhile, Ever Ancient, Ever New

Meanwhile, over at These Stone Walls…

Note to readers from Father Gordon MacRae: On June 5, I will mark my 35th anniversary of priesthood ordination.  Two-thirds of my time as a priest has been spent cast into one of the dark peripheries to which Pope Francis points the days of the Church.  I struggled, really struggled, to write a post for this week to make this occasion.  I mailed it, but alas, eight days later it had not yet arrived.  So my post will be featured here next Wednesday, God willing.  In a pinch, I invited (begged is more like it) Father Stuart MacDonald to write in my stead this week.  He had no idea of anything I had written about priesthood, nor did I give him a topic.  On the night before this is posted, his guest post was read to me and it is perfect.  It is powerful.  And it is the truth. I humbly ask you on behalf of all priests to share this post, to pray for us priests, and to return next week for my voice from the wilderness.  With Divine Mercy Blessings, Father Gordon MacRae


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