Mass today for Bishop David Choby

bishop david choby

He died on Pentecost. May he rest in peace. I’ll offer Mass for him today.

I first met Bishop Choby at lunch after a first vows Mass for the Nashville Dominicans. As priests and religious took their seats at lunch I noted that no one had sat at his table, so I did. Soon the preacher for the Mass came to sit with us. Interrogation is the only word I can come up with for the conversation that ensued between he and the other priest, pleasant as it was. After a full twenty minutes of grilling this priest, and it not at all being apparent whether or not Bishop Choby was pleased with what he heard, he then invited the priest to give a retreat to all of his diocesan priests. That made me quietly chuckle.

But then the good bishop turned his attention to me, and then the whole interrogation thing repeated itself for another twenty minutes, with the subjects beings Scripture, the Fathers of the Church, Theology, Philosophy, the state of seminaries these days, and everything in minute detail about my life since I was a kid until that moment, it never being apparent whether he liked what he heard or not, this also leaving the other priest amazed. But then the Bishop, without asking me about it, simply announced that he was going to make a phone call the next day to my superior and to the new rector at the seminary he was sending his guys to, and that I should expect a call from all three of them the next morning, and that I should get ready in the next day or so to make the 700 mile round trip up to the seminary. So, O.K. That was my fate sealed for the foreseeable future. That’s a bishop. He will be missed.


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4 responses to “Mass today for Bishop David Choby

  1. sanfelipe007

    Wow, what a shepherd of priests he was.

  2. elizdelphi

    Eternal rest grant unto him, o Lord. Great story.

  3. James Anderson

    He sounds like he was one of the Good Shepherds. But the big question is “Are you off to teach in the seminary again?

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