Flores for the Immaculate Conception (fieriest fiery fire edition)

flores orange yellow

The fiery Holy Spirit forms us to be members of the Body of Christ, Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception, so that we might see the Father through, with and in Jesus.

Now, one would think that it would be true that it would be easier for us to take note in some small way of Jesus’ enthusiastic love for us if we didn’t take ourselves so very seriously. And, yes, that will be true, in heaven. And the Holy Spirit may indeed grant that we take note of Jesus’ love for us in this way or that for a short or longer period of time, He knowing how to work with us, He being our spiritual director in all things in view of all the circumstances of our lives. O.K. But…

Here on this earth such outrageously wonderful results of taking better note of Jesus as we take ourselves less seriously may be an occasion for us to think that besides taking note of the power of the love of Jesus that is stronger than our weakness, stronger than our darkness, stronger than death, means also that we will automatically – in this world – be nicer, more balanced, more stable, less weak, less tempted, more whole, you know, nicer… apart from Jesus (thus taking ourselves more seriously than ever).

Instead, here’s how the general trajectory of the spiritual life works: the Holy Spirit opens up our eyes to whence Jesus called us, from hell, so that He might draw us across Calvary to Himself, we seeing while He is doing this all of hell broken out on Calvary, we seeing ever more clearly just how weak, unstable, tempted and shattered we are because of original sin and whatever of our own if we would be without His grace, and this, not so that we beat ourselves up, but so that we can take that knowledge and immediately turn to Jesus to thank Him humbly, we now knowing better what He has done for us, not giving us strength and all such good things apart from Him, but drawn up into His love and strength and goodness and kindness.

Jesus ferociously condemns the “I can see all on my own” attitude, and praises those who say that, without God, they are, of themselves, terribly blind and needy, again, not so as to emphasize themselves and beat themselves up and get depressed and despair, but rather as an occasion to be fired up in humble thanksgiving by the Holy Spirit. This is precisely where we find joy in the Holy Spirit. This is where we find mirth, for we then see that even our weakness and temptation and mind games are no match at all for the love of the Holy Spirit which ardently burns through all such nothingness, revealing to us a bit more how much love there is for us in the midst of the Most Holy Trinity.

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One response to “Flores for the Immaculate Conception (fieriest fiery fire edition)

  1. elizdelphi

    I had the most absurdly hard time reading this post today, I must have tried half a dozen times at different points during the course of the day, and at first I was not even getting the gist of it, could not focus or concentrate (what is wrong with me?); through my attempts I eventually sorted out that it seems to relate well to some of my spiritual needs. I finally read it through now at 9pm. I believe and hope that what you write is true, as it resembles some recent thoughts of mine, though it still doesn’t explain to me how it works. If i have an idea about it, being a reader of St John of the Cross the grace of contemplative prayer and passive purification is central to that idea. But my own life being what it is I am fighting temptations to say discouraged things about myself, which I think is the wrong idea/focus for reasons that you explain well.
    The flower picture in this one is especially mesmerizing.

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