NASA comes to my parish: Eclipse 2017 Full Corona Andrews North Carolina


eclipse map august 21 2017 Andrews NC USA

NASA has rented out an entire abandoned strip mall here in Andrews NC to get ready as we’re directly in line with the center of the eclipse on Monday August 21 2017. [NASA will be at the middle school.] So, this is the official place to be. Of course, the moon doesn’t care about anything “official” but runs it’s course where it will. On the map below, the vertical moons show the extent of the corona that you will see depending where you are. You can see the full corona in the greyed out path:

eclipse usa map.png

Here’s the timing and duration. You’ll be able to see the full corona for a just more than two and a half minutes if you’re in Andrews, North Carolina:

eclipse north carolina.png

The hotels are all booked out on that date already months ago. But bring your own vittles and fixins and drinks and you should be just fine. We’ll have an extra big supply of food after the 11:00 AM Mass at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church at 214 Aquone Road (see map above). Monday you’re on your own. Be sure to get your eclipse glasses. Someone gave me a pair today. They sell them in City Hall for $2.50, or for lots less if you buy many:

eclipse glasses

I think the population of our little town is something like 1,700, but “they say” that there is an estimated 10,000 people coming, with some saying 20,000 (from as far away as Europe) and some saying 100,000. That’s a lot of porta potties for 2 1/2 minutes! But it might well be a three day event.

Be careful of the pickpockets and be aware that the end of the world people come out of the woodwork at such times. Be situationally aware in these weird times we live in.

A spiritual note: Jesus said that He would be in the tomb for three days and three nights. There was a full eclipse when He died on the cross. That passed and the sun came out again. That’s one day and night right there. Then Friday and Saturday night. He rose on Easter Sunday.

Mass Schedule: On Sunday, 11:00 AM, Holy Redeemer Church 214 Aquone Rd. Andrews. We have a “Social” afterward with lots of food. All welcome.


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11 responses to “NASA comes to my parish: Eclipse 2017 Full Corona Andrews North Carolina

  1. Thank you for clearing up the confusion about the three days. I never connected the darkness (eclipse) at the crucifixion with the day count. Makes perfect sense. Now I get it.

  2. pelerin

    Interested to read that as my brother is an amateur astronomer and follows the total solar eclipses wherever they occur. I asked him if he was going to Andrews but he has told me he is going much further west as he believes the weather will be better. He is surprised that NASA has chosen your town but thinks the reason may be that it is closer to Florida.

  3. sanfelipe007

    I remember a commercial aired around 1989-90 announcing that there would not be another eclipse in North America before the year 200, but that we lucky Americans could buy a Mitsubishi Eclipse soon!

  4. sanfelipe007

    er, make that the year 2000

  5. Monica Harris

    Prime Time for a Missionary of Mercy!

    • Father George David Byers

      I hope there are no “incidents” causing injury as one might sometimes see in big crowds…

  6. Nan

    Of all times not to be a drinker! You should have a Corona tomorrow.

  7. pelerin

    The BBC News site has a NASA link on which you can find where and when in your particular country you can view the next eclipse. I typed in Great Britain, United Kingdom, Britain and England all of which received the message ‘sorry we don’t recognise this country.’ Somewhat baffled at finding that I was living in a country that did not exist I finally found the answer by typing in ‘UK’!

  8. elizdelphi

    “bonomo” went south from WI to Illinois to see the full effect of the eclipse and then called me late at night Monday (he was trying to coordinate someone to cover his perpetual Eucharistic adoration hour) saying he was stuck on the highway as there was a traffic jam of people who had all done the same, crawling north at no more than 20 mph. He was going to find a place to pull over and sleep. I haven’t heard anything since.

  9. Prince of Peace was “packed” on Sunday prior to the eclipse day. Saw several visitors at Ingles after and they raved about Fr. Byers!!!

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