Ordinations: Good men so happy to be of service to the Holy Family


Dear Father Byers,

Since there is much Byersian influence here, I wanted to send along a picture of a triptych commissioned for priesthood ordination next year on 9 June (the Immaculate Heart!). You are certainly invited!

It came in much earlier than expected, but I am fine with that! I know you’ll understand all the symbolism but NB the Hearts so on fire with love, flowers for the Immaculate, and the flaming sword! I was going to ask for a donkey and a deer kneeling in adoration but I thought of that too late. Note also the particularly New Mexican style of artwork, done by the best NM santera in the state. E.g. In NM St. Joseph always has a hollyhock rather than a lily, since they are so abundant, though the symbolism remains.

I pray you are well Father. May God bless you! In Christ, Deacon […]

We follow the saints on either side of the triptych to the Sacred Mysteries taking place in the center. /// I like that: “Byersian.” ;¬)


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3 responses to “Ordinations: Good men so happy to be of service to the Holy Family

  1. James Anderson

    Beautiful, but I don’t remember ever seeing St. Joseph’s pictured before. I assume the pictures are of St. Theresa of Siena and St. Thomas Aquinas.

    • Father George David Byers

      I very much like the addition of Saint Joseph. This is wonderful. We need fatherly fatherhood among the fathers of families and parish families.

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