O.K., those are words, now for actions!

The editor of our Catholic Newspaper sent this note to myself and my fellow Missionary of Mercy in the Diocese of Charlotte:

Fathers, your work with us for the Year of Mercy was recognized with a first-place award from the Catholic Press Association for Best Coverage of the Year of Mercy, among all large diocesan newspapers in the U.S. and Canada. Thank you for your contributions that helped our print and online audiences go deeper into Church teaching for the jubilee year!


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5 responses to “O.K., those are words, now for actions!

  1. James Anderson


  2. gueydangirl


  3. Claire Dion

    That’s awesome.

  4. elizdelphi

    Makes me happy! I think the Missionaries of Mercy are one of Pope Francis’ better ideas. The Year of Mercy also, I actually really liked the Door of Mercy indulgence which handily was the front door of the two churches of my parish. In my diocese/parish though the year of mercy seemed otherwise to be largely about doing the Works of Mercy and volunteering in particular, I would really have liked a deeper exploration of the relationship of sinners to the Merciful Love of God, since there is a great deal to be said about that subject. Your blog filled in some of that aspect of the Year of Mercy for me.


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