“Once upon a time” – drugs & druggies

fairy tales

Starting off with “Once upon a time” means that it’s just a fairy tale. We all know that fairy tales only happen in fairy tale land in a time warp not belonging to our own. So, having said that:

Once upon a time a priest saw that the drug trafficking in the rural territory of his tiniest of all parishes was once upon a time skyrocketing. He knew that it wasn’t his responsibility to do anything about the drug problem other than to lead people to Jesus. He knew that others had a more direct pragmatic responsibility. But in that regard, there was once upon a time that he had to wonder about all the once upon a time incidents that were taking place once upon a time in fairy tale land:

  • Once upon a time not quite a couple dozen kids, many of them minors, all tripping out on cocaine, were under the supervision of a certain person in that certain person’s house, and the whole lot of them were caught. That particular person was transported nicely for questioning, at the end of which, within I think two hours, said person was let go. That’s it. Never happened. Once upon a time.
  • Once upon a time a certain person was caught with perhaps less than 150 kg of cocaine, or even more[!], but then enjoyed the “fact” that it never happened. That’s it. In my once upon a time opinion a thin red line was crossed with that one, you know, once upon a time.
  • Once upon a time it was made made known in fairy tale land that budget constraints (there are so many budgets in so many regions in fairy tale land) meant that there is no way that known once upon a time drug houses would ever be closed down, because, at any rate, such things all belong in the category of once upon a time.
  • Once upon a time, certain persons began to act as if they were above the law, thinking that they could get out of anything at any time for whatever reason, you know, things like recklessly endangering the lives of others, you know, once upon a time.

Backing out of fairy tale land, said priest, having a secret time-machine by which he travels back to reality (the Heart of Jesus) which uses a secret time-warp (the Hour in which Jesus draws all to Himself as He redeems us upon the Cross), said priest, I say, wonders again what to do about all this, and concludes that he should involve the very once upon a time perps in real evangelization of the once upon a time criminals. I have to wonder about that priest. Sounds like he’s a real donkey of a priest. Surely imprudent. It probably won’t work. But it reminds me of Jesus, who called twelve Apostles, all of whom, like all of us, crucified the Son of the Living God with their sin, original sin and their own, Jesus thus using the very criminals to evangelize. Hmmm. It still sounds imprudent to me. And all the Apostles ran away just at the time all the criminals were being helped out the most. It must be a fairy tale, once upon a time.


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6 responses to ““Once upon a time” – drugs & druggies

  1. James Anderson

    May your Guardian Angel guide and protect you.

  2. Once upon a time a priest had a lot of friends he had never met in person. Once upon a time one of those friends began to worry about the little donkey priest. Just saying, once upon a time. But once upon a time that friend began to understand that this donkey-man-priest was no mere hermit or ordinary mortal. Because once upon a time this priest had been recruited by a heavenly aura and consequently had a lot of brushes with evil. In the world of fairy tales some would call them Adventures). Not once upon a time – but all the time that friend prays for that all the time priest.

  3. nancyv

    Joisygoil, your comment is perfecto.
    Fr. George, the ending of fairy tales is: and they lived happily ever after…
    God bless you for loving all souls in helping them learn and hope for heaven!

  4. elizdelphi

    A priest has the true keys to Happily Ever After, an ending already accomplished by Jesus.
    Once upon a time in a land not far away… I just read the news that a young man who I knew as a client a few years ago at my homeless storage program volunteer job stabbed his roommate to death recently. http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/courts/warrants-i-had-to-end-the-situation-man-arrested-after/article_d67dcff5-aa9f-5a45-8de1-c5a1c947899b.html Thanks to crack. It is so heartbreaking. His mug shot down at the bottom is eloquent with anxiety and misery. Please pray for Ron and for the deceased victim.

  5. Nan

    Once upon a time in fairytale land, a donkey of a priest, who knew some of the kings guards and others employed in the castle keep, had the ability through magic to let the kings men know that there was a problem in his village and the village apothecary was unlicensed and providing potions that made people Ill. The apothecary had put a spell on the local sheriff’s men and he needed someone to break that spell.

    He asked the kings guards to send the potion prevention posse to town to prevent further enchantments.

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