It’s the exclamation point! Greetings! UPDATE…

charlotte diocese holy redeemer

Instead of taking that as a death notice to the parish – humanly speaking, it is – the parishioners and I, before the Lord, instead understand this to be a challenge. For the record, I say: “Cool!” Humanly speaking, this will bring us to bankruptcy in the foreseeable future. But we’ll have to see what Divine Providence has for this smallest and most remote of parishes in these U.S.A. Graham County and Cherokee County are this year vying for the absolutely most impoverished territories in N.C. (civil statistics) which is saying something. This only energizes me. But we’ll see what the Lord has in mind. Our first response is adoration of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Greetings to Jesus!

UPDATE: A number of people have offered to help with the shortfall. Please don’t. Not yet. I want to know the intentions of the Bishop. I’ll see him Tuesday week.

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