“Go ahead and blue light me!”

Just now I was having a chat with our true blue about a particularly aggressive Andrews-ite and a call came in with an aggressive challenge to the police. 

I watched the arrest unfold. He was evading, then reaching in his pockets (don’t do that!), not following lawful orders, being belligerent, placing the public and our LEOs in danger, wasting our already stretched resources. For our LEOs, “tools” we’re drawn. They were totally respectul to the knucklehead. 

My thought was: what’s going on elsewhere whereby this guy is creating a diversion. Sorry, but I’m evil and bad. That’s the kind of thing that comes to my mind. He had like six cruisers of multiple angencies wasting their time on him. This is also the perfect baiting situation for an ambush. And they were scanning for this. Good for them. Good training.

As I watched this unfold I witnessed the perfect calm and yet tinge of fear, just enough to be useful for safety, being alert. Just enough adrenaline. Perfect choreography.

Analogies in my life as a priest come flooding into my mind.

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