My “day off”: Bishop, Holy Spirit, guns, priests, potato soup[!], ice cream

target can

First things first: Holy Communion brought to well over a hundred miles away, here and there in the backsides of the beyond in these mountain ridges (I love bringing Jesus around through his creation to His loved ones).

Meanwhile, target practice. I thought this tin can filled with dirt and swinging from a string from a branch 35 feet up (giving a long quick arc) would be good. See above. Nope. Too easy to smash apart. The neighbor gave me a good suggestion. Tie up a thin but heavy stick and get that moving. I could spray paint a line around it and shoot it in half at the line. That should makes things a bit more difficult. I’ll have to remember that.

Meanwhile, on one of my stops I was taught how to make potato soup. This is significant for me, since I have a total mental block about cooking anything more difficult than toast and cereal, though I have been known to make a hamburger with bacon and, of course, pasta. But this soup thing is a big step for me.

potato soup

And then it was off to Sylva where the bishop did the Confirmation and installed a new pastor of the parish. Father is a friend. I didn’t ask him if he is Jewish. I am. He was wearing a yarmulke with a Star of David on it (not during Mass). The previous pastor had a shofar…

pastor sylva

Other priests from the diocese were there, friends, also my neighbors from the hermitage. We had gone out for ice cream before Mass.

After the festivities, the bishop and I had a long chat, very productive, very helpful, far reaching. We have the best bishop in the world. I got home about midnight.

Today was follow up with the meeting with the bishop, and now, Communion calls, then Mass. Away I go. I love being a priest.


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7 responses to “My “day off”: Bishop, Holy Spirit, guns, priests, potato soup[!], ice cream

  1. sanfelipe007

    Thank you for taking us with you, Father.

  2. When you say you love being a priest it always gladdens my heart. It also reminds me of the adage, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.: Keep on enjoying life, Father George. (and encouraging us) .
    God bless.

  3. James Anderson

    So what did the Bishop say about parish finances?

    • Father George David Byers

      Yes, well, he’s helped my smallest parish in North America stay alive. He’s retiring to Haiti…

  4. elizdelphi

    A permanent deacon friend of mine wanted for years to go to Haiti to help a priest friend of his who did medical mission work there and when this generous soul finally got to go he found Haiti horrifying, he felt in danger there and the Catholics did not know their faith well and most mixed it with Voodoo, and it was just so distressingly poor. As I say this is a generous man who worked with the homeless for years here in the US so it spoke loudly how distressing he found his Haiti experience. So I can respect a priest wanting to go there and presumably do what good he can. May God bless him.

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