Fr Gordon MacRae on Fr Joseph Maskell: “Accusation is NOT evidence”

accusation is evidence

It seems that netflix has a series on the murder of a nun in the 1970s. It seems that the series implies that Father Maskell was a suspect with the motivation that a thirty years post-“incident” allegation of abuse was made against him, the imagined cover-up of abuse being the motivation for the innocent until proven guilty priest to murder the nun.

I was told by Father Gordon J MacRae today that Father Maskell was investigated by Baltimore County PD as a possible suspect in the murder. Father MacRae told me that he actually worked as a counselor for the Baltimore County PD in the 1970s and was well aware of this case. He said that “Father Maskell was absolutely cleared as a suspect,” and that “it was not until 1992 that an accusation of abuse first surfaced alleged to have happened 30 years earlier.” He said that “the netflix implication was that he killed the nun to cover for the abuse. That is absolutely nonsense.”

Father Gordon MacRae went on to tell me that “the reason I know this is because my supervisor knew Father Maskell from this investigation and told me that he had been absolutely eliminated as a suspect. She (P.H.) was the commander of the Youth Services Division.

As he told me these things I recalled the multitude of Catholic journalists who jumped on the “accusation is evidence” bandwagon so as to build themselves up. Sheesh. This kind of fake news only promotes more actual abuse for the reason that sooner or later no one will take any possible victim seriously. The fake news crowd are as bad as actual abusers. There is nothing more hateful to those actually abused other than perhaps seeing those who prostitute themselves to political correctness, gaining praise at the cost of the sufferings of those who have actually been abused.

You know who they are in the Catholic media who are always full of fake news.


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4 responses to “Fr Gordon MacRae on Fr Joseph Maskell: “Accusation is NOT evidence”

  1. sanfelipe007

    Netflix is has other offerings that are anti-Catholic. “F is for Family” is one. Bill Nye (the science guy) has a show (Bill Bye saves the world) on Netflix that seeks to establish, as fact, gender fluidity and 12 other “life-changing topics.”
    It was jokingly said that the real purpose of the show was to prepare Bill’s fans for the announcement of his “gender reassignment.” Stranger things have happened.

  2. Claire Dion

    Will these attacks on our priests ever end? Very discouraging. Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.

  3. Helen Tangradi S


  4. Deo Volente

    I meant to write to you when I first saw this post. The Archdiocese has a large section of its web page devoted to this story; see here:
    Notice that there are several individuals who were asked to make comments on this case. Check out the FAQs section; I believe it is here that the Archdiocese indicates it would have been happy to provide actual facts as well as assistance, but this was apparently ignored and no feedback was wanted. Fr. Maskell’s body was disinterred and DNA evidence was obtained but there was no match. I know that this story has had a real negative effect on individuals, but it is based on a cable TV show and not on factual evidence.

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