(5) Missionaries of Mercy: “New Phase” guidelines for giving a penance


The directive to the re-confirmed Missionaries of Mercy concerning providing penances to penitents for the “New Phase” of the Missionaries of Mercy phenomenon is this:

“Regarding the penance, I would strongly recommend that it be such as to truly assist the full conversion of the penitent.”

Mind you, the penance is always meant to be medicinal. The penance mentioned here is not the normal penance, but for sins so serious that a great deal of medicine is needed for much healing. Sanctifying grace heals immediately, but our Lord wants to continue to work with our minds and hearts and wills and the most profound reaches of our souls.

When last in Rome for all that which regards the Missionaries of Mercy, I had the opportunity to consult on various difficult questions regarding, say, the faculties given. I am thankful for the many and lengthy discussions I had with the Apostolic Penitentiary, particularly about penances to be given for such matters. Such penances, spread out over time, involved time before the Most Blessed Sacrament. Why? Because…

It’s all about Jesus!



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3 responses to “(5) Missionaries of Mercy: “New Phase” guidelines for giving a penance

  1. elizdelphi

    Do they never mention penance as satisfaction? If not why not? In a sense “truly assist the full conversion of the penitent” is saying more or less the same thing, because satisfaction is not quite like a legal obligation to pay such-and-such legal/financial debt, and yet the idea of satisfaction is important to understanding the matter as completely as a priest should (and it seems like most of those who really need a Missionary of Mercy are other priests).

    • Father George David Byers

      The fullness of the conversion is the satisfaction. This is what purgatory is about, what we go through in the life is about. It’s all about Jesus. He’s our Savior. He saves us by bringing us into the life of the Trinity. He completes this, as Saint Paul mentions, by having us, inasmuch as we can do this, agree with that salvation. But it’s not something somehow besides that that we might do. It’s all entirely about Jesus.

  2. elizdelphi

    But i understand about it being all about Jesus and being drawn into the Holy Trinity and I wish more priests would say so as well as you do

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