“New Phase” – Pope Francis recalls reconfirmed Missionaries of Mercy


Since the very beginning of Pope Francis’ “Missionaries of Mercy” project there were indications that there would be progressive phases to the activities of the Missionaries of Mercy. With the present reconfirmation of some – I’m guessing most – Missionaries of Mercy, now mid-2017, there was again mention of a “new phase.” So far, this refers to the encouragement of the Missionaries of Mercy to get off their back-ends so as to provide opportunities for celebrations of mercy, this time with the added faculty (now five total) detailed on Arise! Let us be Going! previously.


I surmise that it was planned that by this time there would be a total of six special faculties, but all the hoops that civil and ecclesiastical penalties were not yet readied or were finally considered impossible. I’m referring to the desire of Pope Francis and his special two-fold Church and State commission to study and then, if possible impose the excommunication of those convicted by the State of mafia-esque crimes. You don’t impose a medicinal penalty unless you have at the ready a way to deliver the medicine. I’m guessing that the Missionaries of Mercy would be involved in revoking any such excommunication and the absolving any related sin. That might be the case if the revoking of an excommunication is reserved to the Holy See. I’m guessing that this would be the case since mafia-esque crimes often involve multiple ecclesiastical territories, even multiple countries.

The Missionaries of Mercy are required to attend a formation get-together in Rome shortly after Easter 2018. I’ve already arranged some lodging at a guest room of the best Benedictine Nuns in the world. I’m eager to return to the Holy City where I’ve spent so very much of my life.


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5 responses to ““New Phase” – Pope Francis recalls reconfirmed Missionaries of Mercy

  1. elizdelphi

    Venerable Samuel Mazzuchelli, OP was made a “Missionary Apostolic” after he had been engaged in his mission in the upper midwest USA for some years, this status gave him jurisdiction to exercise his ministry across diocesan boundaries by authority of the Holy See. For instance, as new dioceses got established on the frontier his original mission territory got carved up with the result that he was building churches and establishing parishes in multiple dioceses. Around the time when he received this appointment he made his one and only return to Italy including first of all Rome; his biographers describe this as being for fundraising purposes and I’m sure that was true but I wonder more now if it was also a requirement related to being a Missionary Apostolic. I have wondered a few times if there is a sort of conceptual link between being a “missionary apostolic” and a “missionary of mercy”. These required meetings certainly emphasize to me the aspect of the missionary of mercy as one “sent” from Rome.

  2. elizdelphi

    Also, is there still such a thing as a Missionary Apostolic? Fr Mazzuchelli is the only one I have personally ever heard of, I think.

    • Father George David Byers

      I think they usually set us a Missionary vicariate which later turns into a Diocese.

  3. sanfelipe007

    Yes, the MoM will be that medicinal delivery system: Doctors of the Soul who will be making “Big House” calls.

  4. elizdelphi

    Fr Mazzuchelli was not in charge of other priests like an ordinary or administrator, in that period of his ministry he went from one place to another organizing the faithful in northern Iowa and Illinois and southern Wisconsin into parishes and getting churches built. At first the whole upper midwest pretty much was part of the St Louis Diocese if I recall correctly. Then it began to get subdivided into (in order) the Diocese of Dubuque, Milwaukee, Chicago, etc. The dioceses of Milwaukee and Chicago got erected both in 1843 (I looked that up) and that year or the next was the point at which Fr Mazzuchelli got the MIssionary Apostolic status that apparently gave him jurisdiction to travel around and minister to Catholics in any of these dioceses, not having to be attached just to one specific diocese, I can’t remember the exact problems that were arising, I think there may have been a bishop (of Dubuque? I may remember Fr Mazzuchelli, who built the Cathedral there, was vicar general there at one time??) who wanted to insist on having Fr Mazzuchelli’s services for his own diocese only. I probably have more specific information about this here if I took the time to look it up in the positio.

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