Pornchai Moontri & Fr Gordon MacRae on the move, or not…

south 2

Father Gordon has moved to the top floor of “South” (3B). He’s a new arrival and so lives out on the main recreation floor on the bottom of multi-tiered bunk beds until such time as a cell just a few feet wide opens up.

south 1

Pornchai Maximilian Moontri was supposed to go there as well, but that somehow failed and failed again and again. We will see how that works out or doesn’t in the future. They’re working on some serious matters at the moment, so this disruption makes communication between the two much more difficult.

Prayers for success for what they are working on is much appreciated. Hail Mary…


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13 responses to “Pornchai Moontri & Fr Gordon MacRae on the move, or not…

  1. Prayers for sure…please Mother Mary, keep both Fr. G and Max covered with your mantle of protection.

  2. Liz Feuerborn

    Oh dear! Praying!

  3. elizdelphi

    I prayed this morning! Praying again for them now.

  4. Hello Father Gordon It saddends Us as Pornchais Parents to hear this news. We know that GOD has used you to turn Pornchais life around and bring him to live his life for JESUS. GOD has a plan as you know and sometimes it’s just not revailed to us right away. GOD will continue to allow you both to continue your Ministry . Please know that Y’ALL are in Our Thoughts and Prayers. With Love In Christ Pornchais Parents,Joe and Karen Corvino

  5. ct7west

    Thanks, Fr. David, for the update. Hope things work out for Pornchai. Such turmoil those men have to go through. My prayers are with them.

  6. sanfelipe007

    Prayers, prayers, and more prayers, along with trust.

  7. Liz

    Joe, your comment is so good for us to read and remember. God is in control! Thank you for always being there for Pornchai! God bless you and your wife!

  8. Lynn Sheer

    Prayers for Fr. G. & Pornchai. that things work out for both of you….

  9. Liz

    Whatever happened with this, Father. Still praying, but just wondering…

  10. Liz

    Okay, thank you. We will just carry on with our prayers I’m trying not to get upset. God must have some sort of plan.

  11. Chen

    I really really wish you guys move to same place soon!! Finger crossed !

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