Going to Guadalupe? Pay the Mexican Military Cartel cash or die. It’s that bad.

ak 47 ammo

We had a wedding last Saturday in the parish. The couple went to Mexico for their honeymoon. They reported back that there are now military checkpoints everywhere in Mexico. They don’t ask for documents or other useless rubbish. They want money, only. If you refuse, they let you go, but they call ahead to inform the drug cartel in whatever area that you refuse to donate to their cause. The cartel stops you, and simply kills you as an example for others. This makes me upset inasmuch as my identity was used for arms transfers to the Sinaloa Cartel just when Joaquín “El Chapo” Archivaldo Guzmán Loera (now imprisoned along with his “godson”) started to terrorize innocent civilians, the government, the politicians, law enforcement and, finally, the Church.


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2 responses to “Going to Guadalupe? Pay the Mexican Military Cartel cash or die. It’s that bad.

  1. I read about the bomb at Our Lady of Guadalupe (major) Basilica in Mexico City. It is tragic, to say the least. I grew up in Mexico, and it makes me sad that the country has gone downhill as a whole within the last 20 years or so. My friends in Mexico tell me it’s not that bad, that you simply go with the flow. However, I am scared to go back. Although, the recent bombing was claimed by some “feminist” group, not the drug cartels. Unfortunately, for many, it’s business as usual. 😦

  2. This raises the question of the morality of going on a pilgrimage if one has good reason to believe that some of his money will wind up in the hands of drug lords.

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