Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (due dew edition)

flores dew

In our fallen human condition, we might think that an entitlement mentality is just the thing to live by day in day out, as it’s a kind of bullying power maneuver to present oneself as vulnerable but with an iron fist.

But then we realize that as Christians we shouldn’t be so obnoxious and so we try to be a bit more pleasant about it, but a few vestiges of this might remain, so that we hold our Lord’s redemption of us over the head of our Heavenly Father, not in the sense of the Divine Mercy prayer of mercy founded on justice — “For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world” — but in the sense that since Jesus has redeemed us, we deserve heaven on earth, no more sickness, no more death, no more bad economy, no more bad people doing bad things

But we have to remember that the consequences of original sin freely chosen with the sin and which we still suffer with while we are in this world — weakness of mind, weakness of will, emotions all over the place, sickness and death — are, in justice, part of the “economy” of salvation as theologians call it, the way, the manner our Lord has chosen (mercy still founded on justice) for us to assent to His goodness and kindness.

To wit: if we suffer the consequences of the sin (minus the guilt which He forgives), then we know better why it is we need to be redeemed and saved, then we know better why it is that we are to be in humble thanksgiving of Him, in praise of Him for stepping into this world when He didn’t have to do that, taking our place in the death we deserve because of sin so that, He remaining innocent but taking our place, He has the right in His own justice to have mercy on us.

Once we see the benefit we receive in suffering the effects of sin, that we can use all of that as an occasion to run to Jesus to thank Him for coming to grab us out of this world, we can drop the entitlement mentality, the bitterness, the cynicism, and even thank Him for the opportunity provided by the consequences of original sin to praise Him.

The dew is due, but how that dew is provided might surprise us, what with, instead, the Holy Spirit forming us into the image of Jesus in heaven, but which action we perceive on this earth as being formed into His image crucified, and we don’t mind that so much because we finally look at the love which had Him stay on the Cross, drawing us all to Himself, we being taken by such great love that would stand in our place.

Thank you Jesus. And thank you, Mary, for standing under that cross to intercede for us.

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