Laudie-dog Surveillance Dog: Living a sheltered life or with the full view?

laudie-dog surveillance-dog

Laudie-Dog, so very happy to be the Surveillance-Dog.

“The opiate of society” is what the Marxists / Communists / Socialists like to call religion, whereby, in that view, the Holy Family is a saccharine escape from the harsh realities of this world. In my travels to such countries that impose dialectical materialism on the peoples they oppress on purpose (with capitalistic narcissism wrought by the government being the goal), what I’ve noticed is that theirs (such governments) is an attempt to let greed drug the members of such governments into violence much worse than any opioids ever could. Opiods, by the way, always lead to violence. What I’ve noticed is that the only ones doing anything for anyone in any way in such places were and are believers, whose love and goodness and kindness and respect for others were the driving engine that drove them not right up into some pie in the sky, but rather into the most desperate of peripheries. For instance, pretty much every Catholic religious congregation in the world has a house opened up in Porte-au-Prince or Caracas or in the nearest ghetto near you. Laudie-dog the Surveillance-Dog is right to take up her post next to the Holy Family. That’s where the needs of all are seen and dealt with, of every man from Adam until the last man is conceived, the greatest need being our redemption and the grace by which we can let go of opioids and violence and live the love and goodness and kindness and respect for others that Jesus brings to us.

Isn’t it ironic, by the way, that the ones pushing drugs on the world are the Marxist guerrillas trying to make a few bucks by way of their violence?


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7 responses to “Laudie-dog Surveillance Dog: Living a sheltered life or with the full view?

  1. It isn’t just Marxist gorillas responsible for the current opioids crisis, though they are a primary beneficiary. Much of the current crisis is the result of lobbying efforts led by pharmaceutical executives from the makers of products like OxyContin. The primary beneficiary from those efforts were our own elected officials.

  2. Why is that I see only love in Laudie-Dog’s eyes?

    We had a cat, (who died at 25 years old – true – about her age), who, every time we said the rosary, no matter if she was in the other room, she would come and sit among us; sometimes, she would bat the rosary beads.

    If we were just having a conversation, she would stay in the other room. If we began the rosary, by the time we started with the Creed – there she was. We couldn’t help being amused by this.

  3. Nan

    I just sent this picture of Laudie to a friend in need of puppy picture therapy.

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