Fr Gordon J MacRae – Prayers please


Prayers for Father Gordon J MacRae, please. Urgent.


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22 responses to “Fr Gordon J MacRae – Prayers please

  1. Angela


  2. Please dear Lord, Help him.

  3. Emergency Chaplet started.

  4. elizdelphi


  5. Cathe D.


  6. Divine Mercy Chaplet for him right now. And spreading the word.

  7. Praying! Please Lord! Spare this holy priest any more suffering & difficulty!

  8. Claire Dion


  9. Fr. Byers, I put the word on Father Gordon’s FB page so all his “friends” will be aware and pray too.

  10. Charlene

    I know Father Gordon appreciates all your prayers. I spoke with him awhile ago when he called to send some messages. Here is what happened: Over the last few years he has had a recurring maxillary sinus infection. He has been on strong antibiotics five times for this in the last two years, the most recent being in June. Over the last few days he felt the sinus pressure building again and yesterday he began to have some swelling under his right eye and right cheek bone. He can only get medical care at at 7 a.m. sick call with long, long lines. But he decided to try it at 7 this morning. He woke up at 5 a.m. and was totally alarmed to see that he had an enormous swelling on the right side of his face. His eye was sealed shut. He could barely speak and his cheek was about five times what it should have been. He had to wait for the 7 a.m. sick call, but they took him right in. Medical care is not great there and they were going to take him out in an ambulance, but first they did a series of x-rays and ruled out a sinus infection. Then they took him to the dental department where they did another series of x-rays and learned that the last sinus infection had perforated the upper jaw and caused a serious infection in the root of a tooth which now much come out. But first his high fever and swelling must go down so they have him on a powerful antibiotic for seven days and then he will seen an oral surgeon there. So it is bad enough, but not the disaster he first thought when he spoke with Father George at 6 a.m. After this ordeal he had an hour to kill and so he went to the library and finished next week’s post before reporting back to the medical unit. All is so far well and he thanks you for your prayers. Praise the Lord!

  11. Stephen.Round.


  12. Liz Feuerborn

    Thank you for the update. Charlene. Prayers continue.

  13. sanfelipe007

    Starting a Rosary right now.

  14. Donna Kaup

    Father Gordon is in our prayers!

  15. lisa

    He should be on IV antibiotics.

  16. Dear Lord, be with him and help him heal!

  17. Just saw this and thank you Charlene for the latest news. Prayers continue for Fr G.

  18. Thank You Fr. George………I’ve got the word out…….and he’s on ALL of my prayer lines, too…..including those of Our Lady…….and in my own, of course.

    Please, do keep us informed…..I am so concerned for him… we all are.

    Bless you for doing the Lord’s will so tenderly.

  19. Treasa van Ommen Kloeke

    Thank you for sharing. He is in my prayers too. God bless him and Our Blessed Mother comfort him.

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