Update: The cruel and unusual punishment of Father Gordon J MacRae


Father Gordon laughs about it. But it’s deadly serious. But there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Not lawsuits. Not complaining. Nothing.

Last Thursday night the right side of Father Gordon’s face swelled up, sealing that eye shut. He was in extreme pain. He has had a severe sinus infection off and on for years. This time it seems to have eaten away to the skull. Friday morning they said, imho, facetiously, that it wasn’t a sinus infection affecting the root of a tooth, but rather the infection of a root of a tooth affecting his sinuses… so… no big deal then!

They said they would get antibiotics for him. But now, days later, the next week, swelling still there, no antibiotics. That kind of rotting infection can cause septicemia, which is fatal in 50% of cases (Mayo Clinic). This seems to be cruel and unusual punishment, a kind of death sentence inflicted by no-one-is-responsible-for-this-it-just-slipped-through-the-cracks way of going about things. The next step is for blood clots to form, clots which kill off internal organs, killing the person.

An example: A prisoner is only allowed to renew prescriptions such as heart meds 5 days in advance, though it takes 15 days for refills and so people just go ahead and die. This is known, and, therefore, it seems to me, is murder wrought by people who may well be paid to reduce the “tax burden” by reducing the inmate population. But if you want less prisoners, change the sentencing laws. Otherwise, we’re paying to watch murder.

The “solution” right now is that everyone who wants to complain that they are actively dying because of a lack of heart meds should go to sick-call at 7:00 AM for all 1500 prisoners, with only 15 seats and with 30 people waiting and you are cancelled or sick-call is cancelled altogether periodically.

This reminds me the Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, who wrote about the scariest thing in his prison, not the torture, but the eyes of his torturers: no conscience whatsoever.

Update: He got his antibiotics the other night!


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16 responses to “Update: The cruel and unusual punishment of Father Gordon J MacRae

  1. More and More Fr. Gordon’s life reads like that of a saint of old.
    Let us all storm heaven for his aid.
    On a different level is there anything we can do to help? I suspect only citizens of New Hampshire are eligible to comment on the state’s penal system.

  2. Sogn Placi

    Thank you for fighting for this priest, Father!

  3. I asked the intercession of St Maximilian Kolbe for Fr. Gordon’s healing

  4. Donna Kaup

    We are keeping Father Gordon in our prayers.

  5. Claire Dion

    I can’t even believe this is happening. This is awful. I bet illegal drugs are available in this prison — but not antibiotics?????

  6. This is just unbelievable. Well, not really, after what they did to Anthony. Father Gordon is getting his purgatory in here on earth. Not pleasant at all. Don’t see how he can just laugh it off. But, what is the alternative? Whining and complaining and having a pity party? Can’t see that in his system. He gives us a example for sure.

  7. Charlene

    I just read this by telephone to Fr Gordon and here is his response:
    “The philosopher Fredrick Nietzsche said ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ Thanks for the work-out!”

  8. Cindy Long

    All I can think of is praise be to God in all things! That is what the Saints do. How many souls will this beautiful man save with his suffering. Vengeance is Gods. Pray for those who persecute you.

  9. We all feel so helpless to provide meaning full “help”! Many, many prayers are being offered. We’ve been away for a while & I assumed everything was going according to plan! Shouldn’t have been so foolish.

  10. elizdelphi

    A homeless person in my city would NOT be having the kind of difficulty Fr Gordon is having getting sufficient care and medicine.

  11. Monica Harris

    When Father Macrae becomes Bishop of the USA Prison system, he will change this malpractice and negligence.

  12. elizdelphi


  13. Donna Kaup

    Is there any update on Father Gordon’s condition? We are holding him in out prayers and I offered my communion for him last Sunday. Will do the same tomorrow morning at mass. I sure wish I could meet Father Gordon in person and huge him. He is a saint now.

  14. Tom Gavin

    Thus story reminds me of “He leadeth me” by Walter Cizek. Such a cruel world we live in. I am a former Correctional Officer and I can attest to the institutional attitudes in the prison system. Very callous and cold. It’s really something to behold. I thought about getting involved in prison ministry and after reading this story I think I will. “I was sick and imprisoned and you visited me.” Come Lord Jesus!

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