Jesus, so humble, so very very humble

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Today is the Eucharistic Congress in Charlotte, NC.

Goodness and kindness.

See you there.

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One response to “Jesus, so humble, so very very humble

  1. sanfelipe007

    I know you are busy, Father, so I will understand if you wish to take a few days to consider the following before answering:
    Father, I had dinner with a new (2nd year) Priest last night. I asked him what one thing surprised him the most about being a Priest, and he replied “the loneliness.” I felt very saddened by this as I listened. It wasn’t until this morning that I realized that I could (should?) have asked him what the faithful might do to help dispel hid loneliness. I had no presence of mind.
    Anyway, I once asked you about approaching a Priest in regard to Confession (his personal practice) and you gave me very good advice on how NOT to go about it – thank you. So I now ask you (and for the benefit of other members of the laity who may read our exchange): What can the laity do to combat/prevent a Priest’s loneliness? What might the signs be?
    I have read, somewhere, that this is a common malady, but it did not register as anything I should trouble myself about until I heard the sad words from a Priest’s mouth for myself. Please advise us.

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