Homily 2017 09 11 – Preaching angry like Jesus [My very first upload]

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Sometimes Jesus was rather fierce when he was preaching, or even when He was working a miracle. In curing the man with the withered hand you have to wonder just how it is that all others present didn’t whither up when Jesus cured the fellow.

In this case, the challenge was more instructive than the cure. They were angry enough with Him to have Him put to death. This is rather instructive for those who would disrespect others by not acting in goodness and kindness and truth, you know, for the sake of being be politically correct, being ‘men of consensus’, you know, sophisticated and up to date, balanced and polite, never rough, never instigating, always team players.

But, it’s gotta be said. Those who reject goodness and kindness and truth are also effeminate, never manly, lacking in fortitude, cowardly like a pack of dogs, scared on their own, but willing to put even Jesus to death if they got the chance in a crowd.

So, I’m trying out Audacity, a free program that dumbs down the bit-rate so that digital recordings, say, of homilies, can be uploaded more efficiently. Let’s see if it works. I have no idea. I’m sorry if I sound angry in this homily. I tend to be like whatever Jesus is like in the Gospels. He’s rather fierce today. That’s the word: Fierce!

O.K. O.K. I’ll have to work on getting to the point quickly without repeating myself. Work with me. Give me pointers!



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12 responses to “Homily 2017 09 11 – Preaching angry like Jesus [My very first upload]

  1. Janine

    I am so glad you have posted this!

    And you dont sound angry… 🙂 please keep posting.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Woo-Hoo! I’ve been waiting for this. Thank you, Father.

  3. Laurene Bogue

    Thank you Fr. Loved your homily. Please keep posting.

  4. Your voice is “instructional” as the voice of a teacher’s should be and not “angry”. If your flock can’t remember your homily 2 hours after Mass, what good was the effort? I found this to be a very memorable homily and will ponder what you’ve preached. Bravo!

  5. sanfelipe007

    That was a short homily! I did not notice any anger, or repetition. I think you have much room for more fierceness. Repetition is the name of the game! I forget who said this, but, “tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them!”
    I think you got to the point quick enough.

  6. Not angry – just tellin’ it like it is! I always like the gospels where Jesus calls out the gutless punks of His day. Convinces me that He knows what we have to deal with and He’s with us.

  7. Cathe D.

    Thank you Father George for the scripture reading and homily…It was
    well presented and very clear. I did not detect any anger in your voice.
    Good homily…God bless you Father.

  8. Nancyv

    Gospel deliberately proclaimed and the homily was a coversational tempo that keeps one listening carefully. Yay! I am out in Utah for a spell and need this. Thank you.

  9. Father C.

    I don’t think you sounded angry or fierce…especially compared to me! Yikes!

  10. elizdelphi

    Glad to see and hear this homily successfully uploaded! Maybe the world needs some priests who tone it down for a worthy reason in accord with the virtue of prudence, but even moreso the world needs those who don’t withhold truth.

    The thought I had about this Gospel is that after a buildup of Jesus speaking to the Pharisees in reference to them watching for him to break the Sabbath, the healing does not involve Him humanly DOING anything to the man with the withered hand. The Divine Word simply speaks to the man, who obediently is able to use his healthy hand. Then the Pharisees are enraged–and why? My thought is that it is because He made no action at all humanly that broke the sabbath law but that buildup had been referring to the divine act of healing that He wrought. Jesus is manifesting His divinity but doing it in a way that smacks the Pharisees in the face with their own self-righteousness. In the end, they’re mad that Jesus is God and God is working on the Sabbath.

  11. Someone from public relations once told me people can’t remember more than 3 things in either a press conference or release. Repetition is good (IMHO). Like going against political correctness also, even though it has not been in the media much lately,

  12. You sound very sincere, not angry. Actually, I think more like inspirational than not. God bless and continue to use you, Father George.

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