9-11-2001? Not the past. Those first responders still lay down their lives

You’re a day late Father George. The anniversary was yesterday…

Here’s the deal: The cases of those those still dying from the toxic dust they ran into isn’t expected to peak until 2041. This wasn’t a one day event. The aggression of terrorists is ongoing. Today. Tomorrow. So many dead. So many dying. Still. So many families stricken. Today.

I hear a lot of conspiracy theories about 9-11. I’ve been in quite a few terrorist incidents and have met quite a few terrorists who’ve taken very many peoples lives. I don’t care much about conspiracy theories. People are dead, and people are dying. It needs to stop. Period. If terrorists got help, the helpers are terrorists, whoever they are, wherever they come from, whatever their work happens to be. For me, it isn’t a matter of many different groups conspiring together. Instead, they are all one, terrorists who share but one outlook, one hatred, one arrogance. Anyone shocked by this or that person or office or bureau or institute or company or group or whatever being involved in terrorism is naive as the day is long also about their own weakness and idiocy.

The response is to be sharing the greatest love of our lives, the Prince of the Most Profound Peace, who holds out that bond of love to us from the Cross when all hell broke out on Calvary. Who is it who was presented with terror more than anyone? Jesus, along with His blessed Mother. They saw clearly all the worst of every last person ever conceived or to be conceived, including ourselves, right there on Calvary. What was their response? Goodness, kindness, forgiveness, peace.

Of course, forgiveness might not be received. That’s on the terrorists. It’s pouring burning coals on their heads. Staying with goodness and kindness and forgiveness and peace is the Way to go. Also, securing peace with the military and our special operators and all of our public safety personnel is not contrary to this goodness and kindness and forgiveness and peace. It’s all part and parcel. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

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