Priestly Vocations: I’ll follow Jesus who said, “As the Master so the disciple”.

Jesus Pilate Ecce Homo

Homiletic and Pastoral Review (HPR) published an article by our friends at Opus Bono Sacerdotii: When the Church Defames Her Priests. Good for HPR. The conservative Catholic media has pretty much 99% of the time never been on the side of due process, which speaks of cowardice and a bitterness that has nothing to do with Tradition, but only of opportunism, the definition of liberal anti-Catholicism. But times are changing. With SNAP being outed for getting kickbacks, with lots of money being thrown around, with lots of self-serving self-congratulations of the powers that be suffocating everyone, people are starting to get the idea that due process is, after all, a good thing for justice.

Someone who suffers personal and lifelong consequences of his diocese obliterating due process in his regard is Father Gordon J MacRae (ABOUT). He has written about this, starting off with an account of a young man who is hearing our Lord’s call to him with a vocation to the priesthood even as he reads articles on Father MacRae’s These Stone Walls. Here’s that very moving article: Opus Bono Sacerdotii: Heroic Witness to a Heroic Vocation.

I’m really taken by that account of that young fellow. It is the crucifixion in following Christ which attracts him. After all, there is no greater love than the one who lays down his life for his friends. Very inspiring.


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2 responses to “Priestly Vocations: I’ll follow Jesus who said, “As the Master so the disciple”.

  1. James Anderson

    Thanks for alerting me to that excellent article. It is not a publication that I have access to. This could be another area for unscrupulous lawyers to make a killing against the church.

  2. elizdelphi

    I read that a while back and was also happily surprised that HPR would include that.

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