Missionary of Mercy Divine Mercy Box: Dive in to help help!


Now that I’m a diocesan priest I have lots of freedom to help out various needy people right around the world. I’d like to ask your help in this. Not that you don’t have a million needs yourselves. It’s just that sometimes needs come to priests that are not brought to anyone else. We tend to see lots of miserable situations every day. And then we have to do triage.

I’m not a 501(c)3 charity, yet anyway! So, I’ll pay tax on anything you give, which means that those to whom I give won’t have to pay any tax on the gift they get. That’s make everything easier. We’ll have to see where any new tax code goes. But perhaps some of you have advice on all that. Our secretary, a most extraordinary accountant, is helping me with my taxes and will keep an eagle eye on this project. I’ve ordered paper checks from the bank last night so that there’s a paper trail of everything. They’ll get here in a few weeks.

I tried something like this in 2012. Perhaps some of you remember how that ended with me flipping myself into dumpsters due to some promised but then suddenly reneged cooperation from elsewhere. But, hey! Diving is great exercise, and nutritious, and tasty. Anyway, Pope Francis helped me out on that one. He knows how to reach into the peripheries. We thank the Lord. Now it’s time to help others.

So, at the end of some of the posts on this blog you’ll see a PayPal button, perhaps annoying. But the annoyance can be offered up for the souls in purgatory. I’ll have to figure out the CSS to shrink down that PayPal footer. Anyway… You can multiply the amount given if you want to give more. Scroll down to see the first example in this very post.

Alternatively, PayPal allows one to just share a link to one’s PayPal account. Just click on that and you can fill out whatever you want. That’s this link:


So, I’ve revived that 2012 PayPal account with my new local bank across the street, United Community Bank. The account has been verified and confirmed by PayPal and all is working well. Using the link or hitting the PayPal button below will open up a dialog box on the screen to help you complete the operation.

PayPal will send you a confirmation email as a receipt for your gift. That’s another paper trail. I like that. I’ll get a monthly report that I’ll give to our accountant. That’s yet another paper trail. I like that, a lot.

Meanwhile, your names and a note of the gifts go into a special Divine Mercy box created by Father Gordon J. MacRae’s friend and ours, the great Pornchai Maximilian Moontri. That box, which took him a month to create in his special circumstances, will stay next to the tabernacle in the chapel in the rectory. In this way, Mercy to the Max, Pornchai-Max, is the first to contribute to the project. Here’s that box (which I’ll write about in its own post soon). Dive into the box to help:

pornchai maximilian moontri divine mercy box

P.S. This is another experimentally timed for publication post, so that I set it for 11:05 AM, five minutes after another. I hope it doesn’t get obliterated in the technology.

Here it is: Yikes! …

Missionary of Mercy Divine Mercy Box donation

For those I see to be in need. To increase amount change times $5.00 is charged.



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5 responses to “Missionary of Mercy Divine Mercy Box: Dive in to help help!

  1. Gina Nakagawa

    Father, what do you do if you want to give? Is it possible to just send you a check and receive no receipt?

  2. Father George David Byers

    George David Byers; 82 Third ST; Andrews, NC 28901 USA

  3. sanfelipe007

    I am in, Father. May I recommend embedding the paypal link in the site’s side-bar, just below the animated dove (my attention is always drawn to it) and just above the search box?

  4. Beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity, Fr. George. However, I have had bad luck with Pay Pal in the past and am hesitant to join them again. Is there any way I can contribute aside from it?
    What a wonderful work. God bless you.

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