Jesus: God or Savior or Friend or…

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Jesus: God, Savior, Friend

There was a question on the blog a while back as to whether we can ever approach Jesus as God and Friend but not keeping in mind so much that He is also our Savior, even while not at all denying in any way that Jesus is objectively God and Friend and Savior. The question is more about, it seems to me, whether or not, subjectively, an emphasis can be put on Jesus as a Divine Friend, fearing that that might be off the rails.

Giving a short answer at the time, I think I said that as a tiny little kid of say two or three years old and just learning how to pray, I might not have been paying too much attention to the redemptive action of God’s Divine Son among us, and more that God was looking down upon me from heaven.

To be more specific – I remember this well – I was directly, immediately aware, as it were, that I was God’s tiny little boy, so that the emphasis is on a filial relationship with God, God in all His majesty, mind you, but God who to whom I belonged as a son, not just His creature, that too, but with a bond of love. From time to time we hear people say that their mom or dad or both are best friends as well. With God, a filial relationship is not not exclusive of friendship but necessitates that friendship: God is interested with and wants to be involved with everything we do so that we walk in His presence.

But even as a tiny little kid, I knew there was more, both in learning how to pray always (not that I have prayed always!), and in my own priestly vocation experience at 2 and a 1/2 years old – as clear to me today as it was then: God needs to work with me and others because we are inadequate in our response to His gracious good and kind love in all truth. As I’ve described at length elsewhere, this was part and parcel of my vocation, with an emphasis on the fact that priests in particular need help. And we do.

As time went on I began to get to know what Saint John speaks about in the Apocalypse, His seeing Jesus as a Lamb with the wounds of slaughter upon Him (so that He should be dead) but standing (and so gloriously risen from the dead). In other words, He is divine, He is our friend (as He Himself called us), but He is always wanting to reveal to us the full extent of His love in all truth to us. This is not a punishment, an incrimination, but always and even in heaven an invitation to rejoice in this love in truth all the more. Think on that. Not an incrimination. Not setting us back on our heals. But rather an invitation to rejoice in goodness and kindness. Remember Thomas reaching his hand into the side of Jesus, in which case it is not possible except to touch the still pierced open Heart of Jesus: “My Lord and my God…” This is not a dumbing down of the divinity and friendship put before us, but a lifting of us into that friendship right into the life of the Most Holy Trinity, always through, with and in Jesus, we made by the Holy Spirit to be members of His Mystical Body.

When we touch the pierced Heart of Jesus, how can we not share the greatest love of our lives with others? I think that humble thanksgiving in all rejoicing is always the Way to go. This is reality. I cannot imagine any other way. All praise to the divine Heart which wrought our Salvation. Amen.


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  2. Jesus is my best friend. I used to feel bad for bothering Him all the time – until a certain priest informed me that we can not spend too much time with Jesus.

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