Graphene, my “Shadow” and you know, and homilies and technology

  • Graphene Composites Ltd “aims to have a marketable product by the end of this year [2017]. For obvious and sad reasons, this has become a top priority for us.”
  • My “Shadow” says that a neighbor returned to Irma horror with a chainsaw, and helped him out for some hours, meaning my trip down for more chainsaw work didn’t need to be so immediate. Forida-ites here in the parish (Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Lakeland, Sarasota and points North…) told me that the highways are crazy going South as people return, and it would be better to postpone the trip for just another little while. Fine. The rest of his mess will still be there. He says there is still plenty to do then, but that’s it’s not an absolutely immediate need. Why do I put this update about my “Shadow” with the point following Graphene?
  • Back to Graphene, some law enforcement and others insist I wear some sort of ballistic vest, but how could I until the Graphene comes out? One long time cop might come with me for my day off so that we might kill some paper tomorrow with the help of some Glock Perfection. We shall see. He laughs at the FBI qualification course. Anyway, if I had the Graphene in times to come, I think I would put it to good use. There are always the repercussions from my “Shadow” to think about, along with the craziness of local riffraff. My neighbors at the hermitage want me to have a chat with the Sheriff across the mountain there about someone who insists on putting a dozen or two bullets in my direction over the past few years, you know, over my head or off to the side a bit, but still. It’s just off target, and so obviously it’s just to scare me. The problem is, I just don’t get scared.
  • I’ve been religiously recording my homilies. That hasn’t been working out too well. Either because I forget to put the flash card back in, or because, many times, the old batteries I’ve been trying to use don’t make it through the homily. Not that the homily is that long! They are ten and fifteen year old rechargeables. After today’s failure again I decided to bit the bullet and get new batteries. My heart sank again and again when I saw the little screen on the recorder go blank right at the start, or not even finished with the Gospel. I think I have it figured out now though. Sorry.


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4 responses to “Graphene, my “Shadow” and you know, and homilies and technology

  1. elizdelphi

    I had wonderd about how bad the roads and travel there would probably be. I understand the invisible graphene hood to protect the upper extremity is still a few years off. In the meantime, there are angels.

  2. What about Kevlar body armor?

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