Next GOP assassin: “216 to go.” Gotcha. Expect bio-pharmaceutical-terrorism.


Kikinda, for easy no-rules-development. Right on the borders of everything.

Long time readers might remember this post — I’m hunting the next assassin of GOP members of Congress. Join me — in which I analyzed a message of a potential future assassin of Republican members of the Congress of these United States. The one thing I couldn’t quite get was a really solid motive beyond ideology (although that’s also a lot). But now I think I’ve got it, what with health care reform or not in Congress, what with conflicts of interest with members of Congress and, in whatever way, with the pharmaceutical industry. The irony is breathtaking.

You’ll remember that the comment of the future assassin sent to Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., was communicated at the time that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) was very close to death just after an assassin came very close to killing off an unthinkable percentage of the duly elected members of this democracy.

Steve, who survived, God bless him, recently released the following statement honoring the victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on what is now the sixteenth anniversary:

“Today I join Americans everywhere in honoring the thousands of innocent lives that were lost 16 years ago when radical Islamic terrorists perpetrated attacks of unimaginable evil against our country. While we can never forget the anger and anguish we felt, we also will never forget the awe we felt in watching our first responders risk their lives to save others, and the everyday Americans across the country who stepped up in the aftermath to help, including thousands who were inspired to answer the call to duty and join our military.

“Through all of the destruction, the American spirit was never broken, and our resolve proved it never could be. Though our country continues to face serious threats both at home and abroad, we will never surrender our American ideals and way of life. Let us all reflect today on how blessed we are to live in the greatest country in the history of the world, and continue to pray for those we lost, as well as those in our military who sacrificed in order to serve and who continue protecting our freedoms.”

I’m guessing that the very unstoppableness of Steve Scalise is what’s been bothering our future assassin in the past few days. He’s dropped a comment in my comments box last night on, of all things, this hopeful and purposely scattered post about the imminent appearance of graphene: Graphene, my “Shadow” and you know. I didn’t let him out of the moderation queue. But those who need to see it can see it (hint: look at the old Admin comments moderation queue as there are all sorts of identifiers there, which need following, so click on everything there, soooo easy, too easy, I think he’s bragging about a done deal; notice that he’s on the run, otherwise removing his presence from the web).

The comment might at first look a bit stupid, like the guy has been drinking a bit too much. The thing is, however, that he’s got the same everything about him as the guy who wrote to Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., threatening the assassination of the rest of the GOP members of Congress right after Scalise was gunned down. “Same everything” means down to least vapors of nuance of academic prowess, literary finesse (I’m really impressed), extreme brevity with every word referencing whole movements of history, and he personally having enough clout to get the things done he needs to get done, though he’s personally not really great at tradecraft or, more specifically at this point, doesn’t want or need to be. And look at his present location… If I had to hazard a guess, I would say it’s 100% the guy who threatened Congress using Claudia Tenney to this end, but we’ll go with 95% since no one likes certainty.

What I’m afraid of for Congress is that some idiot analyst (sorry) will dismiss his ever so brief ideological references as irrelevant triteness when, instead, let me repeat, they match exactly what was sent to Claudia Tenney. Really, I don’t think that should be dismissed so easily by those with zero background in philosophy and theology and… and… what is now the prevalent official Russian ideology. In comparison, the exactitude of the nuances are stunning. One after the other. Incredible.

This guy is one of the very best in the world with pharmaceutical research (as is the “Shadow” of my “Shadow”, just coincidentally), and is totally radicalized, though not to ISIS but rather that which more tied ideologically to Hegel. He’s made, in his own mind, the perfect mind meld of Hegel and the raw power of his cipher of darkness. And he’s rationalized it to kill off his once, I’m guessing, piously Catholic conscience (a kind of reverse Kryptos, of course). From his attitude, I’d say he’s already delivered the goods. He thinks it’s inevitable. Done deal. I don’t mean to implicate my “Shadow’s Shadow” above, but that person might find it interesting that, if I remember correctly, they both went to the same university and studied the same things, although he’s that other person’s senior by about six years.

To the Company and the Institute: I would analyze his comment publicly, but the problem is I would immediately be shut down with law suits since I can name names and companies here in the USA. Hint: The name of this Doctor is cleverly discovered in his handle (with his pharmaceutical company’s name) and his email address, which contains a weird part of his own personal name. Check the locations mentioned in third party articles about him. He’s rather well known. Lot’s of street cred. Despite what he thinks about himself in his choice of rather significant handle. And, from what’s there, you can immediately find his street address in Kikinda. Easy peasy. Maybe he wants to be picked up for a bit of fame, knowing that no information will be able to stop what he’s already put into action. He’s figured out some sort of bio-terrorism to accomplish his goals, that is, his self-fulfilling prophesy, just what’s needed in his self-serving narcissism.

Perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps. But, as the famous lady said: “But it’s a 100%.” If I were you, I’d pick him up and ask him a question or two. Just ask, and I’ll analyze his comment for you. It’s jammed. I could think of a 1000 questions I could ask him leading to decisive and actionable intelligence.

He’ll see this post, of course. But he can’t run. WAY too famous. He doesn’t want to run. But what I would do straightaway is go to see his research project notes at his research facility here in these USA. That might give you some indication about what he’s been developing Kikinda.


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4 responses to “Next GOP assassin: “216 to go.” Gotcha. Expect bio-pharmaceutical-terrorism.

  1. elizdelphi

    All in a day’s cura animarum! “Kikinda”? It is a place in Serbia? It is a code word? It is “n” as in algebra?
    I certainly want to know what comment this “Doctor” has, though I suppose I will not be privy. No I do not want to know, I would rather, if there is something amiss, that he go to confession to a Catholic priest near him and tell whatever his sins may be (making sure not to omit any grave ones) with true sorrow and firm purpose of amendment and no one will ever be privy to it, but he may save his soul.

  2. Father George David Byers

    Ok. But I think he should tell the whole story to the FBI. Right now he seems to be rejoicing in narcissistic mockery of the absolute worst kind. Condescendingly polite, but so aloof, so elite. Like Nietzsche. But nicer. Like Hegel. But meaner, like Marx. But aloof. Narcissist. Serbia. He’s not from there.

  3. elizdelphi

    If he’s not a coward he will do that. But we are talking about someone who writes anonymous nasty letters.

  4. Father George David Byers

    It wasn’t totally anonymous.

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