Homily 2017 09 20 – Jesus, John, wisdom’s children: NOT politically correct


Yesterday was a breakneck day. Lots going on. After sending off Father Gordon’s TSW post, and after putting up some things on Serbia, I went, for my day off, to do a little target practice and tried some speed drills (from holster: 2 heart, 1 center eyes, all in under two seconds) and a couple of runs through the FBI qualification course.

Then it was off to do some errands in Brevard. Some friends invited me to stay for Galumpkis and then peach cake and coffee. I then chased off to solve all the problems of the Church and the world with a priest friend in the mountains. We wound our way through some of the most complicated and controverted points in Canon law and then settled into a long back and forth about how best to set up a theologate, who the priests would be to teach which courses and take which administrative positions, where the seminarians would stay and how they might be supported, on and on it went.

As it turned out, I only had two hours sleep when I got my usual hour long conversation with Father Gordon MacRae. After that, it was off to bring someone to their medical appointment on the other side, of course, of one of the tallest mountains in the Eastern United States. By the time I got back, just in time for Mass, I was about ready to drop dead from exhaustion. That’s my excuse for a very tired sounding homily.


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4 responses to “Homily 2017 09 20 – Jesus, John, wisdom’s children: NOT politically correct

  1. elizdelphi

    Thanks for this. At the Mass I went to (at a parish that isn’t my usual; almost all priests were away at a diocesan presbyteral assembly) the homily at a Mass full of Catholic school children was by a non ordained religious brother. I am communicating about that ever so kindly and delicately.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Santo subito!

  3. sanfelipe007

    Yes. God loves us so very much.
    Tonight I, too, spent time with a friend who “played a flute and sand a dirge for me – and I almost didn’t dance or mourn with him. But, thanks be to God, I listened to the Spirit, Who I thought, wrongly, was my own will. So I danced and I mourned with my friend. Yes, God loves us very much. Jesus, I love you, too.

  4. I thought it was a very nice homily. Sounded as if you were talking just to me.

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