“Idiots!” said I to myself being an idiot: Dangerous road for the wrong reason

road danger 8

Still on Communion calls yesterday, and traveling perhaps some ten to fifteen miles an hour, I was on a one lane National Forest (Federal) mud road when, well over 5,000 feet up, with windows down, I heard what sounded like a soft explosion of the left rear tire of Sassy the Subaru Forester and then immediately the unmistakable whipping sound of a cable through the air below and to the back side of the vehicle. At the same time, of course, the vehicle stabilization feature and the ABS failed. In that nano-second, the back of the vehicle popped up just a bit while whatever it was jammed itself right through the cables of the tire.

Being bad and evil, bad and evil things immediately come to mind. For instance, some months ago some knucklehead placed metal spikes on a heavily used hiking trail in this Appalachian wilderness, purposely trying to have people suffer spikes going right through their hiking boots and feet, destroying, then, the local economy as tourists then go elsewhere. Merely putting nails on a road usually means that a tire will flatten out gradually over a day or two. You don’t know where it happened. No big deal. But if it’s sharpened rebar sticking up like punji sticks which pierce a tire and then get ripped out -being tied to a cable, well, that means that the tire deflates instantly and, unless you’re a good driver with a really cool guardian angel [ ;-) ], the car goes tumbling down the mountain, hitting every tree along the way.

Another truck going super slow immediately edged his way around me while I was putting the “donut” temporary tire on, and went in the direction where the incident happened. I then went back to look for the offending rebar but couldn’t find it. Hmmm. Other trucks looked a bit frantic, getting right on my bumper and then zipping away in the opposite direction, then coming back, then heading on, then pulling off the road. Seeing a fresh cardboard target with a few bullet holes in it in the exact line with one of these trucks now stopped, and another stopped next to him, I stopped and asked if they were doing a bit of target practice. No, surely not them! Each bullet shot is a felony which will be prosecuted by the Federal Forestry crowd. I hadn’t heard any shots. I figured they were using silencers. They said their were running their transmitter collar dogs (tis the season) practicing for the bear season soon to be upon us. I thought they might be poaching bears that very day (which I think is perhaps around a $10,000 fine and many years in prison for each bear. The Feds don’t mess around with this kind of thing. The punji stick rebar thing, if them, was to keep people from seeing them butcher any bears on the road. Cute.

Grrrr. Subaru says if it’s over 2/32″ wear (which it would be the way I drive the 13,000 miles I’ve driven since I put new tire on), that means I have to get four brand new tires. Well, O.K. I’ll have three other emergency tires, but that means I’ll have to get a wheel as well, as the one I have is just the “donut” wheel.

P.S. Jesus says not to call anyone an idiot because we’ve all done that which has more idiocy than all other idiocy put together, which is by original sin and our own rubbish we’ve all crucified the Son of the Living God with our own sin. So, O.K. I’ll say a prayer for these guys! Hail Mary…


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2 responses to ““Idiots!” said I to myself being an idiot: Dangerous road for the wrong reason

  1. Nan

    GA needed a challenge anyway, amirite? Its too bad you didn’t make note of the license plates…but maybe a priest stopping to ask questions put the fear of God in them.

  2. sanfelipe007

    I prayed with you, Father.

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