The flight path of war. Oblivious to the wings of prayer?

The locals around about these Smoky Mountains have been saying that they’re being kept awake at night by maybe perhaps C-130s getting used to extreme low level night flying far below the tops of the mountains. I never heard it, until tonight. These are no C-130s. They came right over the rectory, and then disappeared behind the hill in town on which the church is built.

We’ve had a number of waves of two planes each. In the dark of night, it looked like one was a massive bomber, like a B-52 Stratofortress, and the other a B-1B Lancer. That’s silly, of course, as they have no business practicing flying below the radar, and so very painfully slow, and so very close to the mountains. They would have just about scraped the tree tops over the church for the hill it’s on. Whatever they were, they were sooooo loud. I don’t take it as a good sign that all flight paths were cleared since right after this a little Cessna came flying cross ways over the rectory at the same height.

My first thought was that we’re getting closer to a confrontation with “North” Korea and that we had better pray as a nation.

My second thought was that entitlement snowflakes, entitled to hate this nation and our military and our law enforcement, you know, like the NFL, can just leave the country if they hate it so much, but that, instead, we had better pray as a nation.


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2 responses to “The flight path of war. Oblivious to the wings of prayer?

  1. Seems like they hate everything, the president, the pope, the national anthem, peace – you name it. I also agree if they hate it so much – just go!
    I agree, we need to pray as a nation and start now!

  2. Jeanine Pisciotta

    Father George no worries. Our beautiful mountains are perfect training ground for missions in the Middle East. The terrain assists our military in flight to and from certain areas where we have troops. It is inland enough to provide coverage from prying eyes.
    Pray for peace and to bring our brothers home safely. Thank you for all you do. God Bless you.

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