Homily 2017 09 24 Entitlement mentality

This is just the first half. The second part was a long-winded example.


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2 responses to “Homily 2017 09 24 Entitlement mentality

  1. sanfelipe007

    “…at the end, Jesus says to this one trouble-maker-guy; ‘Take what is yours and go.’ ” [wow, I really like how you said that, especially the “at the end” part – last things!]
    “That would not be good.” Oh my goodness what an understatement and a terrifying point. Ingratitude in the face of generosity. I have felt this sting – even as I am a sinner; how much more the sting felt by Our Savior?

  2. sanfelipe007

    Awww, I wanted to hear the example. Oh well, “leave them wanting more,” eh?

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