Saint Michael the Archangel, DHS, my “Shadow” and me

Saint Michael Department of Homeland Security

This great statue of Saint Michael smashing Satan down was sent to me five or six years ago by a great guy in Edgewater whose DHS job was to oversee the choice and training up of guys for border deployment as agents of the Department of Homeland Security.

I introduced him to my “Shadow” since DHS would want to be aware of the status quo at any given time, both of him and myself. The DHS fellow ascertained how Catholic I was with some pointed questions having far reaching political implications. I answered in such a way that I couldn’t possibly be confused with my “Shadow.” He pushed it to see how polite I could remain under pressure. Success. He follows my blog almost daily to this day. Anyway, the statue came with it’s own post-production freshly drilled hole in the bottom, perhaps by DEA / postal inspectors…

Innocuous all around I’m sure.

I’d sure like to get in contact with him again, perhaps a face to face. I could easily take off a couple of days and go right to Edgewater, or whatever. There are some developments that I think he would be interested in.

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