“The Guy” sent this: Catholic Patriotic Faith in the Public Square

Perhaps someone knows who “The Guy” is. He’s someone whose example I strive to follow.


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2 responses to ““The Guy” sent this: Catholic Patriotic Faith in the Public Square

  1. James Anderson

    Try contacting East Catholic HS in Manchester, CT at (860) 649-5336

  2. sanfelipe007

    I read an anecdote about how someone sprayed graffiti on the wall of Columbine High school just after the tragedy that read; “where was God?”
    Then later an answer was sprayed near it that read; “I am not allowed in this school.”
    Rambling story alert:
    I am a type 2 diabetic, and one way for me to control my blood sugar levels is to walk, walk, and walk some more. So I was discussing this activity with a fellow diabetic, and the subject of prayer touched upon. We exchanged the public’s reaction to our visible praying.
    In his case, he told me, people would frown and avoid him – at least he got eye-contact. While, in my case, people (the non-homeless*) would spy me from afar, judge that we were on a collision course, and change their route. Only one person in my life of walking (at least the past few years) has made it a point to ask, “are you praying?” But there has been no “shaming” involved. Perhaps it is true that shame is hurtful only insofar as it is felt.
    * The homeless make a bee-line for me almost every time. They most likely have a 100% success rate with the prayerful.

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