Cruel and Unusual: Noriega treatment given to USA citizens. Prison insanity.

Alfred Hitchcock The Birds comes to mind.

Remember what we did in playing bad music on blaring loud speakers 24/7 for days at the Embassy of the Holy See in Panama where el presidente Noriega, terrorist and drug kingpin was holed up way back in the day, trying to make him go totally crazy and leave the Embassy?

It’s not that, but the sound of a hawk screeching madly every thirty minutes day and night that’s being played over loudspeakers for thousands of prisoners.

The speakers are right outside the secure psychiatric unit but echos through the whole prison on amplified loudspeakers. The noise of hawks on the hunt are meant to scare away pigeons (in their thousands) but at night as well? Really? Every thirty seconds non-stop is driving everyone crazy, you know, also in the psychiatric unit. And that really is cruel and unusual. Sadistic really.

Prisoners in the secure unit of solitary confinement tie 12 foot pieces of fabric thread to pigeons they caught through the security grates of their windows by dangling a piece of cereal through the grate. They then fly the pigeons like a kite and they then fly to Father Gordon and he frees them of the kite string. In prison, he’s the PLO, the pigeon liberation organization.


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3 responses to “Cruel and Unusual: Noriega treatment given to USA citizens. Prison insanity.

  1. Charlene

    Father Gordon tells me that the electronic screaming hawk was taken down just a few hours after this post was put up. He says, “Thanks, Father George. The pigeons thank you too!”

  2. sanfelipe007

    I seem to remember that the point of the screech was not to make the prey “run” but rather to make it freeze in place so it could swoop in upon it easily.

  3. This noise is not only unnerving it is so shrill it deafens a person. I know because, there is a shopping center nearby that uses this device (?) to protect shoppers from pigeons dedicating on their cars. Not such a good idea because more than one patron has commented that the noise has caused then to dedicate on themselves.. No humor intended here. This screeching is really overkill and a totally bad idea. I am glad they cut it out Fr Gordon’s prison.

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