“Democrat”: that’s the big lie


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9 responses to ““Democrat”: that’s the big lie

  1. Herlen

    Thank You Fr George for posting this. I am sharing it with friends/family. I hope those one the left hear it with their heart.

    God bless you and your every effort to glorify Him.

  2. Paul Maliborski

    Awesome speech backed up with factual history and current events. Ordered the book.

  3. pelerin

    American politics is baffling for those of us in Europe! I am always surprised at some of the hateful comments on American Catholic blog sites regarding the political ‘Left’.
    Three years ago the think tank Theos based on a 2010 census found that ‘Roman Catholics are more likely to vote Labour and are the most Left-wing of Christian groups whereas Anglicans favour Conservatives,’ Very different to the US.
    Incidentally when Obama was elected President a major French news magazine had the headline on its cover ‘The world breathes a sign of relief.’
    Today I had occasion to visit a local hospital where I received expert attention. It was the Labour (Left) government which brought in the National Health Service for all and that is just one of the benefits they have given to us in Britain over the years.
    It appears that our two countries are not just divided by a common language.

  4. sanfelipe007

    Yes, I’ve been aware of D’souza for a few years now. I have seen many videos of his presentations, some in front of a hostile liberal student audience; he always acquits himself quite well.

  5. elizdelphi

    I don’t want to watch it. D’Souza is a fallen-away Catholic now living as an evangelical protestant. the university Catholic center where I live co-sponsored him (together with Campus Crusade or something like that as another co sponsor) one time several years ago for a lot of $ to debate the head of the Freedom From Religion Foundation here. I did not attend since I was distressed that they were paying this fallen away Catholic to argue the case for religion, but the report from it was that he did not do well and it could have been better argued by a Catholic arguing from a Catholic Christian perspective.

  6. pelerin

    Correction: ‘sign’ should read ‘sigh.’

  7. djc

    Don’t start to watch this if you have anything else to do because you can’t stop once you start.

    This IS really good and I’m not a huge Dinesh D’Souza fan since he left Catholicism.

  8. sanfelipe007

    I have no doubt that Dinesh will come home, in time. The Truth, The Life, and The Way will shepherd him back. Also, our prayers for his return couldn’t hurt.

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