Listen up NFL! Vietnam War Memorial Moving Wall moved us to tears. You?



I went over to one of my “shut-ins”, “Mr Win”, to see if he was up to taking a wheel chair ride at the memorial today. Couldn’t do it. So I said I would go to the Wall for him and take back a stencil of the name of a friend of his, Arthur J Elliot II. One of the guides there gave me this medallion for him. That already about set him to tears, as did the stencil…

arthur j elliot II

Elliot was a Lieutenant Commander, a Navy Seal, who was in charge of setting up ultra-temporary tactical forward operating bases. Mr Win (finally a Full Bird as they are called) was in charge of logistics. The commander of the entire war effort in Vietnam was having a meeting with Elliot and Win. “Can you supply what’s needed?” he asked. “Yes,” said Win. Later, Win went down to the docks at their base in the Mekong Delta, asking the whereabouts of Elliot. “He no longer exists,” he was told. “What do you mean he no longer exists?” asked Win. “He took a B-40 right to the chest. Nothing left, sir.” A B-40 is a rocket propelled grenade (RPG).

B-40 RPG

The guy got his heart ripped out.

And the NFL can’t put their hands over their hearts during the National Anthem…

The mobile wall is called the Moving Wall for a reason. You can’t but weep.


I was shown the following picture which I later in the morning showed to Mr Win. He said that this was an absolutely typical scene of a Catholic Mass being said immediately after the guys would come back in from combat:

Mass after battle in Vietnam - Father Kevin Devine

The priest pictured, Father Kevin Devine, is still alive as far as we know. It’s Father Kevin who supplied my guide at the Wall with this letter of a young man to his parents, written just before he was killed in combat. I read this to Mr Win and, of course, we both got choked up. It’s as if he wrote it today in the midst of the NFL protests:


Please share this! Honestly!


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8 responses to “Listen up NFL! Vietnam War Memorial Moving Wall moved us to tears. You?

  1. Monica Harris

    I have spoken to several Vietnam veterans this week, who have been quite frankly considering suicide after some recent traumas/losses they have suffered. One of the main reasons they don’t go ahead ( “put a bullet in my head”or “blow myself up in a VA parking lot”) they say, is they don’t want to let down the men inscribed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Those memorialized soldiers died fighting for our country and for us, and those brave men who did return alive were not given a hero’s welcome for the most part.

    God bless them all.

  2. sanfelipe007

    I am moved by these pictures.

  3. elizdelphi

    Even i got choked up reading that letter.

    I suspect the evil one wants us all to lose faith, lose hope, lose charity and commit suicide. Each neighbor needs to be loved by a neighbor who loves and has been loved by God. Maybe to be surrounded by such neighbors, like the paralytic with his four friends that lowered him through the roof.

  4. Carmel

    God bless this young soldier, God bless Mr Win, and God bless America!

  5. James Anderson

    Here is a tracing for 1st Lt. King and here is a picture of him

  6. James Anderson

    Here is a better rubbing for Arthur J. Elliot II and here are his patches and medals but no picture

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