Homily 2017 10 27 – Signs of the Times!

purgatory angelicum lawrence op

  • Dissing “spiritual plans” and “goals” with Saint Paul, because it’s all about Jesus.
  • Signs of the times and being up to date!
  • Purgatory as the example of Jesus, needing purity of heart and agility of soul and… and… humble, humble, humble thanksgiving.

Again, if I were to have given this homily in the seminary back in the day, I would have been thrown out for sure. Why? Because, at the time anyway, Jesus didn’t belong in the seminary, just smarty jesuity theologians, because we can’t otherwise know Jesus, or Scripture or what the Church teaches. But instead… well… listen to the homily.

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One response to “Homily 2017 10 27 – Signs of the Times!

  1. sanfelipe007

    I suspected it! I hoped that my obstinate praying for the souls in purgatory might be a kind of “storing of riches” in heaven, if even one soul benefited by my faithfulness, humility, and trust in Our Savior. I love this about our Lord, Who affords us so many opportunities to be merciful as He is merciful.

    I had this image (when I was young) of a sinking ship with souls treading water, trying to get ashore to heaven. While the Saints, already there, are throwing lifelines out to them (me!) hoping some one – anyone- will grab onto it. But this was all I, as a youngster, could summon from my feeble understanding. Nowhere was purgatory in my imaginings.

    Thank you for this “strong drink.”

    You are lucky that I was not present for your Homily; I would have thrown a piece of paper at you right after you had invited your listeners to do so.

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