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trent session 4 treasure map

Why is it that analysts ignore that which is the context for the key, for text without context is pretext. Ideology over reality? A bit of power, self-congratulation, no humility before the massive sweep of history?  While everything seems to blow apart what is the one thing that stays the same? Crux stat dum volvitur orbis. Where to find that? The context, the coriolis effect, as it were, can be found in the introductory bits of the first decree Sacrosancta of Session IV of the Council of Trent of 8 April 1546, that is, the bits before the list of books and the laying out of the treasure map. If one doesn’t know what the treasure is, in finding it, one won’t even know one is looking at it, and will bypass it.

The arrogance, impatience, spitting cynicism, bitterness of the rejection of all that which is important while calling it irrelevant and sheer idiocy is astounding, and should put on guard those who don’t have so much baggage to deal with. Purity of heart and agility of soul and humble thanksgiving before the Most High is the only way. It’s not mathematics, encoding or decoding, statistics or any other mind games so available to manipulation. It’s the reality of what is actually happening. And there are those who are open to this, also analysts. They need to be encouraged. For the long game. And the short. But life is difficult. There are bullies. So be it. That’s O.K. The coriolis effect plows through all that. ;-). Anyone want to analyze the introductory bits of the first decree Sacrosancta?


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8 responses to “Trent, Kryptos, coriolis, treasure maps, religion, analysts, security, strategy

  1. sanfelipe007

    It is all about Jesus! This is obvious to anyone willing to do the analysis.

  2. James Anderson

    Hi Fr. George, After over six hours of trying, Google translate was still not able to translate the treasure map. Please provide an English translation.

  3. I believe the treasure is the true presence of Jesus (body and blood, soul and divinity) in the Eucharist. (and the seven sacraments – which the Council affirmed.) And the treasure map is the assertion that the church is the same – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  4. I spent a few hours reading and what I expected to be enlightening, simply left me confused. Is this why the good sisters used to say, “don’t read the bible?”
    I shut my computer down and said, ‘Jesus I trust in You!’

  5. elizdelphi

    The treasure map is about Sacred Scripture and getting at its authentic inspired text.

  6. sanfelipe007

    “Another bunch of posts required…”
    It’s like herding a flock of sheep, no?

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