Father Thomas Weinandy: Thank you! Hoping Pope Francis reinstates you.

pope francis asperges

Dear Father Weinandy, I’m hoping that Pope Francis will reject the sycophants at the USCCB and reinstate you for your honestly trying your best to lay self-referential interests aside in favor of the Church and indeed the whole world. We all need such honest friendship. The Holy Father can take or leave what you say, but one should treasure any sincere words that you offer just because first of all they are offered in good faith. The USCCB has made it all about bullying. That’s so sad. I thank you for making it all about Jesus and His Immaculate Bride, the Church. May Mary’s Son strengthen you.


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6 responses to “Father Thomas Weinandy: Thank you! Hoping Pope Francis reinstates you.

  1. Maureen Kubasak

    Well said, Father. I totally agree!

  2. Carmel

    Hear, hear! Thank goodness the USCCB was not around when St Peter needed advice😞

  3. I agree with you!!! God help us!

  4. sanfelipe007

    An excerpt from The Christian Review:
    “An article by Edward Pentin on the National Catholic Register website includes the full text of the letter. An article on the Crux website, which also includes the full text, states that Fr. Weinandy released the letter to media on November 1 after being assured that his letter had been received. Crux also reports that Weinandy was not asked to sign the recent public correction of the pope and that he says he wouldn’t have signed it.”
    I would not have signed it either.

  5. sanfelipe007

    I am astonished at the provenance of the his letter. A demanding sign, one that I would fear to imagine much less actually put to Our Lord, and its fulfillment.

  6. James Anderson

    Three cheers for the good priest!

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