Homily 2017 11 06 – Jesus is the One

mother teresa of calcutta home of the dying

I hardly ever know what I’m going to say in a homily. I just start talking. You might have figured that out! But today, I got choked up. You might not be able to tell from the recording. But another priest told me that this happens to him as well while preaching. Why? Because we’re just absolutely blown away by how very much Jesus loves us. And He would have us miserable priests talk about Him. It’s enough to make the tears flow.


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3 responses to “Homily 2017 11 06 – Jesus is the One

  1. sanfelipe007

    Very beautiful. It may be , that, when you do not prepare your words before hand, you are most apt to be surprised by the words that the Holy Spirit gives you.

  2. Father, I poked around a bit around the first posts of the website…and found a most stunning video of Mother Teresa in Beirut, amazing advice about chastity (and that little girl’s speech…sounded definitely like a little Therese, a little saint!), and heartening and calming defences of our beloved Pope Francis. I shan’t poke around further…but thanks for all that. Also I saw your links to Spiritual Motherhood. I saw it mentioned first on Vultus Christi, and it always seemed like a wondrous thing, more of the more mysterious, hidden, and powerful calls in the economy of grace, making such a full use of the created nature of womanhood by such a great grace.

  3. And thanks for the homily.

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