Shadow GSD crushing all “needs a job”


Shadow, in his new collar, crushing what must be a dinosaur hip joint, the huge “ball” of which in in his mouth. As you can see, the other side of the bone was already crushed cleanly in half by this amazing dog. I’m thinking he would make a good “bite dog” saving the lives of police by grabbing armed and dangerous runners hiding under houses etc.

Anyway, bones are not the only thing he’s been crushing. He’s basically eaten the pooper scooper and was going after his dog dish before I rescued it. He’s eaten the manger scene my neighbor gave me, with only the holy family and three kings more or less surviving. He started going after the hose until I stored it. I’m worried for the city’s rolling garbage bin and Laudie-dog’s dog-house. He’s got plenty of toys – and I’ll be getting him a regulation basketball to destroy – but, as others have pointed out, he needs a job. These are work dogs. Here I thought “watch-dog” is a good job, but not enough for him, unless…

I think he needs a bigger yard, so that if the fenced in area weren’t just the back of the house but skirted the house to the front, he would then be able to run back and forth, and that would in fact be “a job.” Thoughts?


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6 responses to “Shadow GSD crushing all “needs a job”

  1. Nylabone makes some very large bones that will take Shadow months to devour. Rawhide bones will disappear in less than an hour. The next task is to wear the creature out. Walks are one way, and knowing how to walk on a lead is important. In the woods Shadow might decide that carrying logs is his duty.Tennis balls, many of them tossed rapidly, give the dog something to chase: and that can at least tire them out.

  2. James Anderson

    Maybe he is meant to accompany you on your rounds and be your protector (assistant Guardian Angel), but there might still be too much down time during which he might eat your car to pieces.

  3. Gina Nakagawa

    No rawhide anything, Father. Rawhide is not digested and can cause impactions. I am reasonably sure you are not interested in big vet bills for surgery. How about obedience school. I went with a dog I once owned, may he rest in peace. It did wonders for him, and I learned how to give him the commands he had learned properly. God bless you and your doggie team.

  4. Michelle

    Dear Father,
    A German Shepherd becomes a nuisance, and possibly a danger, running a fence-line without the proper training. You need to work with him. His job needs first to be your companion. These dogs are pack animals. He needs to be solidly in your “pack.” Training together is a must.
    He also needs to learn to settle. Crate-train him. He is constantly stimulated outside, which does not give him the order he needs. If you do not have a crate, or have not budgeted for one, I will donate one to the cause. We keep our GSDs indoors, and all of them were crate-trained (to the betterment of their behavior).
    Get training! Our first working-line dog, I worked in Schutzhund. But you need to begin with basic obedience. Since he is nearly grown, I would suggest enlisting professional training assistance, with someone who knows these dogs.

  5. Charlene

    Oh, boy, Father George, you have your work cut out! More work in fact! Pls take Shadow and yourself for training. Maybe somebody will do it for free when you explain that Shadow is your guard-dog and assistant guardian angel. Yes, he’ll eat Laudie-Dog’s house, your car, your house and even you unless you find some challenges for him – like training! For both of you! His new collar is lovely as is he! Remember Laudie-Dog always has a home with me if Shadow becomes a nuisance or a threat to her.

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