What goes around comes around. Yep. Angels are surely at work. Heh heh heh


Our tiniest of all parishes, tired of using what is obviously a donated and entirely dilapidated Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion Communion “cup” for our chalice for all these decades, decided to get a more appropriate chalice for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We did. Now we just need to get it consecrated, or, for that matter, re-consecrated.

When I was a seminarian, say, in the Summer of 1981, I walked into the “Mission Shop” next to Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. It just happened that old Monsignor What’s His Name was there (he died soon thereafter). He immediately said: “Wait here.” He soon returned with a black box containing a chalice and paten and gave them to me. In just another couple of years, that chalice was stolen. I felt so bad, remembering well the gentlemanly generosity of the kind Monsignor.

I mean, I don’t know, but this chalice the parish just acquired seems to be the very chalice that the Monsignor had given to me more than 35 years earlier.

The angels are like that. Very cool.


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7 responses to “What goes around comes around. Yep. Angels are surely at work. Heh heh heh

  1. Paul Maliborski

    What a beautiful chalice for the body of the Lamb of GOD. The angels are always working, you were just a we little bit down on the list. Humble thyself GlockMaster.

  2. James Anderson

    Another proof that Miracles happen all the time.

  3. It is back where it belongs

  4. Blessed be God forever!

  5. Donna Kaup

    This is very beautiful indeed.

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