Homily 2017 11 09 – The Body of Christ

Jesus cleanses the temple

I went a bit long so I shant give you the audio. Just a few points:

  • This is the Feast of the Dedication of Major Basilica of “Saint John Lateran” over in Rome, once associated with the Lateran family, but boasting the remains of Saint John the Baptist and Saint John and the Evangelist, and boasting to be the mother of all churches in Christendom, because boasting to be the Cathedral of the Bishop of Rome, the Successor of Peter, the Vicar of Christ, the Supreme Pontiff, who is himself personally the sign of unity. It was also my parish church for many years and…. and… my confirmation nameS are Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist.
  • This Feast, when on a Sunday, blows the Sunday out of the water because this is a Feast of Christ Jesus Himself, personally, for the Church is the Body of Christ.
  • The Gospel is the cleansing of the Temple. What gives Jesus the right to be so indignant of the marketing going on in the Temple? Because Jesus is His Father who dwells in the Temple. The citation from Psalm 69:9 about zeal for His Father’s house consuming Him continues with the bit about insults hurled at the Father fall upon the Father’s Son, who takes it personally.
  • Why does Jesus speak of His passion and death and resurrection? Because we are members of His Body in whom the presence of the Father dwells. Insults against the members of the Body fall upon Him, and He takes it very personally.

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