Progress with Shadow-dog


Not a dog, but a wolf, as they used to be called before our German friends became politically correct to those a bit scared of wolves. Here’s a few seconds of audio of Shadow-dog welcoming me home after being away for only about 90 minutes. Honestly, he gets a little carried away. I think he scares the whole city:

Meanwhile, a breeder/trainer in the parish has agreed to take on the training of Shadow-dog with myself as a welcome challenge otherwise impossible, for free.

Meanwhile, I’m heading down to the Vet right now to get shots regardless of what the previous “owners” said he got or didn’t.

Meanwhile, utterly impossibly, he’s taken up residence in Laudie-dog’s dog-house, which is half his length, half his height, but, hey, that doesn’t stop wolves, right? I now understand the need for a metal “crate” on the owner’s part, and am not too against this as it seems that GSDs think of this not as a cage but as their own private den, and a way to please their owners. So, fine. As it is, he’s just about ready to eat the 27-ton log-splitter.

By the way, this GSD was an absolute surprise. No budgeting for this guy. It all took place within hours. I’m on a steep learning curve. What I’ve learned so far is this, ever so simply, these GSDs are not dogs, but rather wolves. But to me, that’s really cool altogether. I love it.


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4 responses to “Progress with Shadow-dog

  1. Nancyv

    Oh, i am so delighted that you realize the challenge of this extraordinary “dog”.
    Patton (daughter’s dog) thinks the crate is his safe space. At first, the expense of all things for this gianormous creature are offsetting, but they worth it. GOD bless the dear parishoner who is going to help you with training.

  2. C. Twigg

    Um, in case no one ever told you, GSD’d are VERY vocal. They have an opinion about everything, and are not shy about expressing themselves. Really happy to hear that you have a trainer. As for extending the fence, may as well make it surround the house so Shadow can run circles. And, may as well put in weave poles, a tunnel and a jump or two so that he can have an obstacle course to run as he runs around the house… ; )

  3. God bless your parishioner dog trainer for taking you and Shadow on for free. I am sure the two of you will learn quickly.

    God bless you all

  4. Don’t forget the socialization part of training either! The wolf should be accustomed to people, especially when it’s a parish wolf.

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