Homily 2017 11 13 – Donkey mill-stones and mulberry tree roots


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2 responses to “Homily 2017 11 13 – Donkey mill-stones and mulberry tree roots

  1. elizdelphi

    One thought that I have is that he doesn’t say that a little one who is interfered with and sins isn’t committing sin, indeed they may be led into sin but the point is that Jesus defends the little ones against both the harm of being victimized and the harm of falling into sin by making clear how much the one who offended against them deserves punishment.
    I never thought about that a donkey needs a proportionately sized millstone, which would still be plenty big enough to drown a man..
    One thought I have about mulberry trees is they make copious amounts of berries all summer long that stain your hands and the juice is close to the color of grape juice and could be fermented, but the taste is nowhere near the taste of good grapes, mulberries are very sweet with little complexity. So I wonder if He is picking on mulberries as a negative comparison with grapes? Why would a person throw a fruit tree that produces such abundant fruit into the sea? Isn’t Jesus in favor of trees that produce fruit??? But maybe part of His point is He wants fruit of excellent flavor and that’s not really mulberries. As in the case of the salt that needs to be salty, what is insipid in our life has to be thrown out in order to make room for the good taste of the Gospel? What do you think?
    By the way, there are multiple mulberry trees scattered around my downtown neighborhood and I collect them annually and make mulberry and rhubarb pies out of them. That combination is good. Mulberries are kind of more trouble than they are worth in terms of flavor and after you pick them or shake them off the tree in sufficient quantity you have to pick off the little stems individually, it is a lot of work that makes your fingers purple, but they are free. Would Jesus say it is a waste of time to bother with mulberries? Is it a sin to make mulberry and rhubarb pies? One of my friends who is sort of into “slow food” likes the idea of the mulberry pies BECAUSE it’s inefficient.
    I think some people would want to uproot mulberry trees and throw them into the sea because they make a mess, they turn the sidewalk very purple where the branches overhang and if you were wearing natural fiber or leather sandals they might turn your footwear and feet purple.

  2. pelerin

    In the garden of the Allen Hall Seminary in London (England) is a gnarled mulberry tree once planted by St Thomas More under which it is reputed he liked to sit. On a visit there several of us asked if we could take a leaf from it to remind us of our visit and of the courage of this much loved English Saint.

    Incidentally on one London History website Allen Hall is named as ‘Alien Hall’!

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