Shadow-dog gets a “cage” um… “crate”


I’m on a steep learning curve with my just acquired 13 month old German Shepherd. This picture shows my failure in trying to keep him from overturning his water dish by surrounding it with solid cement blocks. Nope. He turned it sideways in the “hole” I had made for him to drink out of. So, I got him a huge un-tip-over-able super-size stainless-steel water dish. That works so far.

Meanwhile, the neighbor got him his own outdoor dog-house in addition to Laudie-dog’s dog-house. I thought I might get him a cage, that is, crate, as GSD owners call it, for use inside the house. It’s a 48″ cage with a hard plastic tray, under and over which I put some used carpet bits to keep it quiet and comfy for this gentle monster. He went in right away and sleeps in it at night, all on his own. I haven’t tried to close the door yet. I’ll need some advice for that. But for now, this is good. This is his space. I had put another piece of carpet over the top to give him a sense of a cave, but he ripped that off and unceremoniously tossed it a good dozen feet in the air, leaving me quite amazed. I tried it again and he left it there. I guess as long as he proves to himself he could destroy it he’s happy with it.



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10 responses to “Shadow-dog gets a “cage” um… “crate”

  1. Paul Maliborski

    I would leave the door open and provide him with something to lay on , like a soft blanket. Get that boy a big chewy bone and don’t forget to feed him. You may also want to put a protective cover over the new home to keep the rain and moisture out. I’m not a big fan of leaving a dog outside all night but that’s my up North mentality. Snow and freezing rain happens from Oct. 30th through March. We keep Blue in the house and he is fine. Good luck , someday we’ll build him a real house with shingles and siding and a fireplace.

    • Father George David Byers

      GSDs rip apart anything not metal. The top carpet us already being ripped to shreds. They have double coats. But actually, the cage is for inside use. Weirdly, they love the cages.

  2. sanfelipe007

    I think Shadow-dog is going to come along nicely. How is Laudie-dog taking this?

  3. elizdelphi

    I have enough trouble with my African Grey parrot getting in trouble and loveably destroying things (making sawdust from my furniture, gnawing up my carpet, destroying rubber refrigerator seal so the freezer doesn’t stay evenly cold, cutting notches in books and papers, removing labels from canned goods so I can’t identify what they are, putting holes in bed sheets and clothes etc), if I was in any confusion over whether I needed a German Alsatian Shepherd/Attack/Seeing-Eye Wolf Dog I have resolved now very clearly that I do not. Besides I think the bird is more than enough from my landlord’s point of view.

  4. elizdelphi

    No, what I need is a donkey. Can I keep him in a parking space?

  5. elizdelphi

    The parrot does have a crate, er, um, cage which he likes fine at times and especially for sleeping, but he expresses himself very loudly (he really knows how to make intolerably annoying noise when he wants to insist) and I let him out at many other times.

  6. Charlene

    Please, Father George, please do not leave the fur babies outside in the cold and rain. I think most animals are supposed to be inside with their families. Please keep both of them safe. If Shadow barks too or does anything else, somebody might come by the fence and toss him some poisoned meat, or kidnap him. Why not keep them both inside the house with you?

    • Father George David Byers

      @Charlene — Laudie-dog is in. I’m working up to getting Shadow in. He’s a wolf.

  7. Woe be to any trespasser…

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