Homily 2017 11 16 – End of the world

end of the world

  • Fear casts out all love. So, how stupid is that?
  • Love casts out all fear. So, how great is that?


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2 responses to “Homily 2017 11 16 – End of the world

  1. pelerin

    I have just been reading that the planet Nibiru (no I haven’t heard of it either) will collide with the earth on Sunday resulting in the end of the world. (Daily Mail website) I had arranged to go to an afternoon Mass (EF) – perhaps I ought to go earlier!

    According to NASA, Nibiru does not exist and those who have announced this doomsday news said the EOTW was going to be on September 23rd this year. Let’s hope they are wrong again this time!

  2. elizdelphi

    I wish everyone could hear this homily about how it will be for those who die in a state of grace and friendship with Jesus. I listened to it a couple times, made my heart burn within me.

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