Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (berry berry quite contrary edition)


Holly! Four of them out back of the rectory so as to put down roots so as to protect the bank of the stream after someone removed a number of rosebud trees on the rectory property just in that place while I was away on retreat back in October. Behold the four of them:


The stream can become a raging torrent during a hard rain.

I gotta say, I like the brand name of the Holly trees. They’re called “Patriot.” They put out flowers much like the rosebuds, often right on the branches, like the rosebuds. A good development from a bad situation. I like it.

Meanwhile, it being after the November elections, the two gentlemen who were helping out, both heavy into local politics, enlightened me as to what the situation of various volunteer organizations in town was like. I mean, I knew that. It had been told to me before. But every time I hear it my reaction is like hearing it for the first time. It’s outrageous the conditions under which some of our volunteers risk their lives in the service of others. But, maybe, once again, we can make a bad situation better, even at the risk of being perceived as being contrary.

Doing the right thing is often considered to be just being contrary in a fallen world. Our Lady didn’t mind being in solidarity with Him who is Himself a Sign of Contradiction in this fallen world. She knows all about it. She knows her Son, Jesus.

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